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Welcome to the official UltimateLib part of the UltimateSuite thread on the Greenheartgames’ community forum. This project has been founded and is maintained by :accept: @alphabit and :tophat: @SirEverard.

#Ultimate Suite for GameDevTycoon#
The Ultimate Suite is a bundle of components and tools aimed to simplify and extend the development of expansion modules for the game “GameDevTycoon” by Greenheartgeames.

For more information please consult the official UltimateSuite website.

Quick Installation Guide

##Ultimate Library (UltimateLib) for GameDevTycoon##
The UltimateLib is the core library for tools and modules that are part of the Ultimate solution.
It is a Javascript based library that is loaded as an expansion pack.

It has been created around and built upon the official GDT mod API which is required to be already installed.

UltimageLib consists of a set of classes that aim to simplify the access to GDT features and data, making it easier to develop custom expansion modules for the game.

Important Notes:

  • Starting with version 1.3.4, the library will also be available through Steam Workshop

Official Links

Release notes:

Extensions created with the UltimateLib must have a dependency to the package “UltimateLib”.
By downloading, installing and using this library you also agree to comply with the Greenheart Games Modding Agreement.

Developer notes:

Ultimate Library for GameDevTycoon, Ultimate Module Editor for GameDevTycoon are developed by Francesco Abbattista and Chad Keating.


We are sorry, should you experience problems with GDT after having installed UltimateLib and a mod which is build upon UltimateLib. The cause could rely in a not compatible save game state. Before reporting or asking for support, please make sure that you checked the following points, thank you :wink:

  • Disabling each module one by one and re-enabling them one by one
  • Create a new game (don’t use old save game, unless compatible with the mods)
  • If you have the steam version of the game
  • You should find a folder named LocalStorage located in c:\users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Game Dev Tycoon - Steam
  • Rename or delete or backup this folder (LocalStorage) before starting the game.

Also make sure to visit the Mod FAQ Official Modding F.A.Q

You might also watch the videos that you find on the above link on how to reinstall the game, in case it’s easier for you to handle.

Official UltimateSuite ModList PostCeption Warning!

##Support us##

We have put a lot of effort into this work and hope that you will find it useful.
If you like our work and would like to support us, express your thankfulness or simply want to make us a joy, consider buying us a beer or a coffee :wink:

A huge thanks to all who supported us financially :green_heart:

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Damn Alphabit. Your crazy! This looks great! :smiley:


Yes I am… did no one told you that before? :stuck_out_tongue:


This will be amazing super great


God Darn.
You are the man, alphabit.
You need to have a programming company. :smiley:

Wow! I didn’t expect this! It’s awesome and I hope it will be available soon. It’s amazing, good job @SirEverard & @alphabit! :smiley: (also thanks for mentioning me in the community part, that totally made my day ;))

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Nice mods(?) coming.
Are they expansion for GDT API?

@SirEverard @alphabit
Good Job Guy’s!

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These are programs actually…

Thats the word I was looking for.

:smiley: Lol gotta get the encyclopedia britannica mate. XD

Thank you SO much for this project. Folks who don’t know that much about programming will finally be able to have a simple tool do mod their game. :slight_smile:

Everyone. Describe @alphabit and @SirEverard in one word.

For me :

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Awesome!!! :smiley:

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@Haxor, @LineLiar, @WaveJones @Everyoneelse

Just for a little clarification.
The UltimateLib is a yes like an extension to the api so it won’t do anything on it’s own, but it’ll allow you do a lot more things within your mod for example:


Would add a lab research and you would pass in option like you would with making an event.
Lots more documentation, hows to’s etc coming once we are happy with a first release for that and the UME.
Plus it will be updated regularly and integrated into our own mods.

The UME is a mod creator and edit, currently you are able to create events, and research without writing a single line of code, and then you will be able to export it to a zip file for distribution.
However it is in a very early alpha stage so this will be progressed rapidly if you guys are interested.

This is all part of the UltimateSuite we are in the process of creating.
Also the UltimateSuite is primarily aimed at modders to provide extra tools and ease of capability.

How`d you do that :open_mouth: !?



How`d you know that :open_mouth: !?