Any help on "hard" modding?

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I trust you didn’t understand what i meant in the title, so let me explain.
The point of this is that i’m looking for any info that might be of help on modding the source code directly, the reason is that this gives more power. The UME’s power doesn’t please me, so i’m looking for help on direct modding from the source. If other awesome mods don’t use this method, then i want to know what they use.

Hey, and welcome to the forums!

This is probably what you’re looking for:

You will need to study the source code a bit, either by beautifying the “codeNw.js” file in the “compressed” directory of Game Dev Tycoon, or by requesting the unobfuscated source.

Some mods also use a library called UltimateLib, which has some custom visuals and simple functions that make modding easier.


Very grateful for your help, sir. Through this sounds easy, because i have already saw HTML and CSS, they are the easiest coding languages i’ve ever seen. I’m not so sure for javascript, but you still helped me.
I have learned them in Codecademy. It also teaches Javascript, but i wasn’t that much interested.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: JavaScript can be annoying at times, but it is actually pretty powerful when it comes to modding. If you have trouble creating mods, there’s always this thread:

Good luck!

One problem through: I felt that the information is a bit too scarce. For example: When adding topics, HOLD ON A MINUTE! I have an idea! UME allows you to view modding files, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO SELF LEARN!

DISCLAIMER: It’s not that the UME isn’t good enough, it’s just that it’s still in an early version, and i’m sure most of you don’t like waiting.

Well, yeah, since you can view the code UME generates, you can learn from that too. But like I said you will have to study the source code to understand how things work. And unfortunately the source isn’t very easy to read even with a beautifier.

Or you can learn from the source code of other mods, but obviously you aren’t allowed to “borrow” it without the authors’ permission. Stealing it will earn you a 250 year long ban :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree, the source code is like generated code, but this game’s source couldn’t possibly be generated. Hell, it doesn’t even contain decoration spacing, you know what i mean, a.k.a skip 4 spaces for each nested element. And it even looked like it was designed to be a one liner.

The Game Engine was ran through Obfuscation to protect the source code from stealing

Now by running it through a beautifier it wont restore it to the same quality as requesting the original source. But if you are decent with JavaScript you can make this work.

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