[WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -

Apologies to everyone as I have not been active on the forums recently. As some of you may know myself and @alphabit are now with Greenheart Games.
Currently we are working on providing one last update to GameDevTycoon before starting any other projects.

The last update will include a lot of bug fixes that have been discovered with the introduction of mods, steam workshop support which I’m sure you are all excited about, and it will also include some features directly from UltimateLib whilst also including UltimateLib as a prepacked module much like the gdt-API.

After the update has been released myself and @alphabit plan on updating our mods one last time. I’m afraid what this means for Camelot is that development will stop. I do plan on finishing Grid and some bug fixes (most of which will be no longer required since the new GDT update). After this I will no longer be developing Camelot. This is not to say I will no longer be on the forums and I may still create some small mods as I have done with Percentager.

Feel free to ask any questions I will try to answer the best I can. :slight_smile:


Only thing I can think of is that you are not closing the game from the Exit button in the menu. You must close the game this way (for now) in order for the setting to be save correctly. Editing that button in the menu may cause some weird effects if the game is not closed properly.

just tried it unticking the option, and closing via exit menu, and same happens, when you open the box is ticked again.

but the problem stays the same, can’t see the custom ui on the stages sliders.

Can you see the custom UI on the rest of the game? Easy to tell from the rounded edges of the corners of windows.

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The mod just shows as red here, can’t be activated nor deactivated.

You need to have the UltimateLib installed. [REL] [Tools] UltimateSuite - UltimateLib [1.3.4]

I got it installed and still red.


Hi. I would like to see a fourth office added to this awesome mod (or the game itself). Here is what it should have:

1.More employee desks: Seriously, I would love to have more employees. I mean, 7 is not even enough to have every specialist. I think around 9 guys would be enough and around 12 would be even better.

Actually, more employees is what I just want but,

  1. Training Room: That would let you train your employees how much you want. Unlike training sessions, that would be %100 succesful and a easier way to train guys with poor stats.

Yeah, pretty much more employees is what I want for the game rigth now, I use the “Expansion Pack”, Camelot Expansion Pack and Competitor mod and the game is ultra fun expect this. :slight_smile:

Note: Posted the same thing on the “Expansion Pack” page. Maybe, if you don`t, they will add this. :slight_smile:


Hey bro.
I think found a bug, it doesn’t work for me.
I have UltimateLib and I can click it, but the whole game stays the same. It doesnt have the cool pictures behind the sliders or rounded edges on any boxes like yours.
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
Running GDT 1.4.15, UltimateLb 1.3.3 and Camelot on Windows 8.1.

try enabling the Custom UI in Settings Menu

My mod isn’t working, It’s in the mod menu but red and so is nerd mod, also my percentage mod isn’t giving me any percentages

Try downloading UltimateLib

Why I didn’t see that?

It means, that there are added some new Contracts and Publishing Contracts.

ah ok now I understand

when is the next version is going to be published i am really interested
Thank you or your great effort :smile:


thank you man

Probably being dumb here… I’m playing Normal mode (I’m fairly certain), 100-year game… hit a 1M-selling game about 5 years in but didn’t get prompted to get a better office. I know longer games space out the time between consoles; I didn’t think it affected office changes, too…