[WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -


I love this mod! However, i have to ask… is Grid bugged for anyone else? When i say bugged, i mean, like 2 months i got 1.7 QD … i have all ready crashed due to to much monies. I always wanted some improvements on the Grid system! but, this is way OP. This happen for anyone else or is another mod i have running interfering?


The GRID system is bugged in that way. If you want to salvage your game, you load it and left click as quickly as possible and turn off all funding for GRID.

Just enjoy it while it lasts because this will be fixed and will be more “risky” in the future.
Or if you just want to have infinite monies, don’t download the update.
Or save the file now so you can always roll back the mod if you don’t like the fix…

Also for future peoples who want to report this issue, DON’T!! Just look at the previous posts, it has been mentioned numerous times already and the modder knows this issue.


Can you take a screenshot please, when you attempt to turn off the UI you the corners of the modals will switch from round to square.
Also what operating system are you using?


did you mean this settingoptions?

and when i switch it, after the reset the square is again here.

my operating system is win7


The GRID is very bugged. In order to update the expenses, you need to open it, drag the slider, and it will change. However, at this point every time the end of the month hits, I get a slight freeze. If I update GRID (Which will change the max expenses to 22QD), it will completely freeze my game. The mouse still responds, and I can hover over the Boost button and have it react to my mouse being on it, but I can’t click on anything.


Yea the grid system really needs to be nerfed, it’s way to OP. I agree it’s somewhat bugged but I’m not sure if it’s intentional. I had about 74 million from a hit game a researched grid. Got the grid and checked out the options; it was pretty cool at first, I maxed out content went midway on maintenance and light on marketing. Was making about 1 mil every month so it was some nice income. Then I decided to set the expenditure to 20 mil and boom. Gained 50T in one month. So it quickly rose and I was getting greedy not thinking about the consequences…few minutes pass and I’m at 20.6QD. Their is when I realized that I didn’t really have that sense of accomplishment and my company was now OP. I Didn’t like it one bit and it ruined my game. So head this warning. Dont go crazy on the grid, stay at about 1m expenditure if you want a low steady income that’s not overpowered.


You gain insane money from the grid and it would be nice to have it fixed. @SirEverard

EDIT: I also noticed the engine type isn’t in the correct place. It shows up behind the console type instead of in the right hand column.


This is the curse of the Midas touch.

On a more serious note, Grid update will be coming soon I hope. I know I have not been as actively updating as I was previously but you know how it goes busy busy busy.

However, I have progressed on the overhaul of Grid and will hopefully have something to show for it soon. UltimateLib will also be updated prior to the next Camelot update as new functionality is required, so look out for it :wink:


Looks like this is working for you however the checkbox is not displaying correctly. I will take a look at this for the next update.


I would like to say that I can’t check the box at all. I can click on it, but nothing happens. May be because of some other mods, though.


My mod went red plz help


Do you have UltimateLib installed


yep its better now




@SirEverard I was wondering if you are still going to add everything that you have planned for the mod and if so how is development coming along for the new version of the mod?


There will be an update to Grid however I am unsure when. It is planned almost finished.
Once I have some time I will be able to do this.

As for the other features, it’s looking like I will not be able to fulfill the list anymore I’m afraid but again I am unsure.


well before you stop fully working on the mod could you add the ability to make DLCs for all of the games that you create for your company and possibly make patches so the we can improve the games we want to make better before we choose to make a sequel.


I do not know if i installed the mod wrong but the mod appears red on the mod list. Any help?


You need the UltimateLib mod to run Camelot make sure it’s installed and selected.



Umm I cant choose the starting features like choosing money/game modes and such. I do see the changed UI. Could it be that you didnt update some links here with the latest version? If so can you provide me with the latest version?

I dont think there could be another explanation as to why the rest of the mod is there but the starting features are not.


LOL nevermind I just had to click on the cogwheel when choosing your company name. You should really put that as a hint somewhere around here xD