[WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -


i’m working on test/check the compatible by other mods because i haved played curoe games mod,cyber mod,super consoles,gdt expansion pack by @DzjengisKhan,and some other
and i noticed errors like missing games,game stopped to work,can’t create a new game,type of that


Hey, just a question. Are the extra grid things, starting money and one man machine included in the 2.5.2b version? Because i get everything else that is in the mod, but when I start a new game, I can’t choose the OMM mode or the starting money, and if I press the ‘Grid’ button in game my game just ‘freezes’: I can still click and get all the buttons, but the bubbles stop moving and when I slide the screen to the R&D lab it doesn’t load. If I check the mods part of the menu it says I have the API v0.1.1, ultimalib v1.3.3 and camelot v0.2.5.2b, all in blue, nothing else loaded.


@TaLashim Can you send me a screenshot of what this panel looks like to you please.

@ajuizadogames I am having trouble understanding what you are trying to say. If you have screenshots of these errors that would be very helpful :smile:


Here you go


Well that looks like camelot isn’t even installed. can you show me your mods folder and the mod selection screen please :smile:


Isn’t specialism apart of your mod tho?


here is my mod selection screen

And the mod folder
I was playing with the other mods too, but i disabled them to see if the problem would be fixed without them, the screenshot from earlier had them disabled


@MrTheMikoliny Doh’ Good point. Completely over looked that.

Could you try and rename UltimateLib_1.3.3 to UltimateLib
I know this have caused some issues in the past, although it really should matter too much for UL


Thank you, that fixed it it seems, the buttons have rounded corners now and I can choose OMM
Thank you again


Hi, I am using a mac. I put the file in my mods folder, and the game recognises it.
But for some reason it goes red, do you know why?


Do you have ultimatelib installed


I’ve two suggestions.

  • The ability to buy ratings
  • Home brew or make games for a discontinued console (you won’t make as much money)


you is not understanding?it because i’m a brazilian person guy,i almost study english and understand very things,but i can’t make a reply of evyrithing in FULL english!!!OKAY?
and about screenshots,no i can’t make screenshots,but i can make a video of this,sure i?
during some tests i used competitor with,your mod,info and stats,and required.
during other test i used competitor with,your mod and required,gdt expansion pack,info and stats,cheat mod(for tests),and some other(sometimes)


Use gyazo, it’s a free online acreenshot software


Ho guy! Not so aggresive. :stuck_out_tongue:


SORRY :frowning:


Great mod. When’s the rest of the mod coming?


I have a problem with the Camelot Mod.
Every time in the settings in the tab “Camelot” when i will take the costum UI on ( i think, for this i must disable the checkmark) and restart the game; the checkmark is back.

Can someone please help me?

Sorry for my bad english


When you restart the game do you close the game via the game window, or do you go to the menu and click exit?


in the gamemenu and click exit

edit: now i tried both, but nothing happens