[WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -



Last Update: 17-FEB-2014

@Kristoff_V You need to open up the advanced option panel. Top right of the new game screen is the button to open it.

Also make sure you have selected the mods and restarted your game. Open the settings panel and click mods. Make sure the ones you want are in blue.


i dont see that but i just saw that 3 mods out of the 5 are red…I don’t even know what that means :frowning: (feeling dumb) xd


Make sure you have the GDT Mod API selected. If so post a picture of your screen


This is a pic of my mods and the errors that show when i start GDT http://i60.tinypic.com/muu4o2.jpg

i cant reply…I apperently can only reply 3 times. But i still can only chose the lenght of the game and i still get those error messages when starting gdt up


You don’t have the GDT API. Did you delete the folder?

You can re-download it here.


Be sure to remove the “-master” after you unzip it.


@SirEverard any idea how to fix problem with ur mod for moving in new office?I reinstall game but still not working when i start new game.I have about 3.5m date is 3y11m but still not offer to change office.Yes i was first playing yesterday one man machine, and from that having problem with office.When i unselect Camelot mod its working for moving offices.


Restart the game and start a new save without loading up your one man machine save.
Update coming this weekend.


How works the customs contracts ?


They are like normal contracts but I have added some of my own to the game.


Please start making the DLC/Expansion Packs… it will be awesome! :smiley:


If I started my game in an older version and I start to use a newer version, i need to start a new game?




How can I make my own contracts?


For your own mod? You will have to use the UltimateLib modding library:



If your taking suggestions I have some:
-be able to make phones/tablets and apps for them
-Make a website/forum
-Let me market my consoles.
-Maybe expand number of staff hires to eight so we can have a specialist for every stage of game development.
-Buyout companies to become branches of your company, and tell them what projects to work on.
-Planned DLC and memberships(dlc pass) for games.
-When making consoles be able to make people pay subscriptions to play online.
-More events?
-more 3d graphics after v7
-R&D lab can research social media
-motion controls


For [quote=“xboxaddict77, post:389, topic:9585”]
more 3d graphics after v7
You can use smaller mods using UtimateLib.

Nice ideas!


Publisher mode looks nice I want that now :smiley: and nice text messages and menu in round :smiley:


@SirEverard Could you make it so you can set a release date for custom platforms??


You updated your mod to gdt version 1.4.9?


Camelot doesn’t need updating currently? Are you having issues using the mod?