[WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -

Last Update: 17-FEB-2014


The Camelot expansion pack is packed with many features to enhance and improve gameplay and it is always sporting the latest features of the UltimateLib modding library.

This mod requires UltimateLib

Recommended Mods:

Added Features:

  • Staff Training - When making a game staff have the chance to improve one of their skills.
  • Specialism - Added “Advanced Option” at character creation you can specialise in Design or Tech or you can increase the default skills slightly right off the bat.
  • Extended Game - Added some game length options for very long game play. 60 and 84 years.
  • **Debugging Research ** - You can now research new methods of debugging for faster debugging speeds. Two staff research options and a one lab research are currently available to unlock.
  • **Number Formatting ** - Numbers are now reformatted to include, Billion, Trillion and Quadrillion.
  • Custom Contracts
  • Custom Publishing
  • Game Modes
  • One Man Machine - Forever in the Garage.
  • Grid Expansion - Plan on adding extra features for when you release Grid.
  • Grid Events - Events that effect the performance of Grid.
  • Starting Money - Choose how much money you start with.
  • Sequels - After making your first game, sequels become available to you.
  • Game Engine Details - Game engine is listed in history.
  • UI Improvements - Using the VisualTweaks library from UltimateLib some general UI improvements are made.
  • Misc Story Events
  • Steal - A staff member may steal some of your money. (Low chance)
  • Bail Out - A staff member may get arrested.
  • Better Offer - A staff member may get a better offer from another company when doing contracts.
  • Lottery - Very low chance of winning the lottery.

Known Issues:

  • When first creating a game the level bars are not rounded on the left hand side - Visuals.Tweaks Issue
  • Bottom corners of game sales bars are not rounded/ overlap - Visuals.Tweaks Issue

This mod requires UltimateLib

It’s very much untested in the long run currently so I would appreciate some testers/feedback.
Not 100% sure how it will react to old saves as I don’t currently have any, but it should integrate well and work with other mods.

If you like my work consider buying me a beer :slight_smile:

Planned Features (No Longer In Development):

  • Game Modes
  • Sandbox - Starting out at the last level with a random assortment already in your repertoire.
  • Publisher Mode - You work for a salary, you are not the boss. Orders, equipment, staff, are given to you, how long can you survive without being fired.
  • Story Line - Planning on adding in some story lines that have multiple out comes, events and such that you must play through. I am thinking something like the story from “Uplink” but a GameDev version. Possibly adding multiple different “Campaigns” to the game to allow for radically different play throughs.
  • Competition - Plan on adding some competition and the ability to “buy them out”
  • Out Sourcing - Add some functionality to have design and tech “outsourced” to increase point production.
  • Office Improvements - Add some toys and things around the office to reduce the need for going on vocation.
  • Stock Market - Ability to buy and sell shares to generate some much needed cash. Will hopefully tie this in with the competition feature aswell.
  • Marketing Expansion - Addtional Marketing Methods and features
  • Charity Events - Ability to host charity events for hype and fans
  • Company Logos - Custom Logos.
  • Engine Market - Ability to buy game engines from other companies.
  • Team Leaders - Your guys can train to be team leaders and get that much needed help in their field when it comes to AAA games
  • Release Date - Choose when to release your game for strategic play.
  • Patching Games - Made a mistake? Patch your game post release.
  • DLCs - Release DLC 's for your games.
  • Convention Events - Have events at a convention rather than a smelly old booth.

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Thanks to @PatrickKlug, @DanielKlug, @Charlie, @GreenheartGames1 for being an awesome team .
Thanks to @alphabit for friendship, input, and support.
Thanks to @psycojustin, @iMoveQuick, @azertyman, and @VitorD for ideas and input.
Thanks to @kristof1104 for his CheatMod which has come in very handy when debugging.


Looks very good! Going to try it out :smiley:


@SirEverard cool mod :slight_smile:

Thanks, :smile:

Sounds like something I would definitely be interested in! I’m only in my first play through, but I wish I was able to specialize right off the bat. Definitely a mod I’m looking forward to playing in the future.

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@SirEverard maybe you can be the one to do this i actually reuqested this to another person i would like the staff to be able to work on fixing bugs while the game is being made not at the end it would help increase game development time so i think thats exactly what you should try

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@psycojustin Are you sure they don’t? I thought they did get the bugs but not very often. I could look into increasing the rate of fixing bugs whilst they are making the game but it might take away points that would go into design or tech.

@SirEverard if they do i havent seen much of it but even if it did take away from tech and design points thats fine i just find it irritating when im taking over 3 years to make certain games because the bug fixing takes over 1 year haha but i just think it would be cool if you could set one or more employees to bug fixing and leave the rest to game developing

@SirEverard Okay i just played about 2 hours or so and i didnt any bugs being fixed during devlopment just bugs added and doing a AAA game i make almost 300,000 bugs and that takes 3 years alone to fix i mean i have edited a few of the staff stats to make it go faster but at a certain point i cant change them anymore because i get an error and cant continue to make my staff or myself better so i just want to have a couple staff be able to fix bugs during development thats it nothing major well i do have major ideas but lets start small

Hmm, well I am looking at the code now. I may be able to add something like an efficiency or auto debugger research for an engine which would reduce that. I will keep you updated, I don’t currently have the un-obfusticated code so it’s a little difficult but I’m working on it.

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@psycojustin Okay I think I have something, give me an hour.

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so i could get a perfect staff member then lose them?

Yes there are only 2 events. 1 is salvage-able, 1 is not. However I may tie in the “evil” modifier I have heard about if I can find it.

@SirEverard okay take your time anything you needed tested let me know and i will test them im not so good with the coding yet so once you think you got it i can always test and see if there is any issues

Yeah is a little more difficult that originally anticipated but it did give me some new ideas.

I will have a new version out soon with some edits/updates to my previous code and the start of the deBugging feature.

@psycojustin Okay so I have added some debugging researches that will allow you increase your debugging speed.

2 that can be access via the staff research menu and 1 via the lab.
They are expensive and take a long time to complete but they are worth it.

Seems to work just fine, not sure how it will react with thousands of bugs visually you’ll be spammed with bubbles :stuck_out_tongue:
If it causes any crashes I might be able to do something about it but you should be fine.

Let me know if you have any feedback.

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Looks good!

@SirEverard Would you like me to add this mod to the WIp section of the official mod list?

@Charlie Umm, not yet, will be changing the name soon and overhauling all the code. Probably not worth putting it up yet.
Should I just message you when it’s ready? :blush:

Yes please that would be great! :smile: