Game Dev Tycoon Mod Spotlight #1

Game Dev Tycoon Mod Spotlight #1

EPM - Expansion Pack Mod

**by @DzjengisKhan & @LineLiar **

The very first mod to crash on to the scene has since grown in size and popularity. It isn’t necessarily
the most balanced mods but with 80 new topics, 11 new platforms, 8 new events, 22 new
research options
and the ability to develop custom computers this mod adds plenty of new things to the game.

**Cheat Mod **

**by @kristof1104 **

One of the most popular mods simply allows you to cheat right from within the game, without the need to
manually edit (and risk) your save files. You can add cash, Fans, Hype, Research Points, Topics and much more!


**by @alphabit **

The TweakMod adds more configuration options in the settings menu which allows you to speed up gameplay
and also adds some **handy tweaks **such as a name generator and the ability to speed up notification messages.


by @alphabit

If you long for more statistics, graphs and data then this mod is for you!

Camelot Expansion

**by @SirEverard **

This mod adds some nifty functionality to the game and has plenty of features in the works which you can
vote on to choose which will be implemented next.
The Camelot Expansion pack aims to improve and enhance gameplay by adding features such as Staff Training, Specialism, Extended Game length, UI Improvements and much much more!

These mods are all playable today and are only a small subset of the full mod list; if you want to give them a try check out our Official Mod List to learn how to install and activate mods;

Experimental Mods Spotlight

While the following mods are not quite ready yet, they promise some exciting developments in the near

Platform Randomiser

**by @Macha **

As the name elegantly captures, the platform randomiser adds random elements to consoles success and
ensures that all your real world console knowledge is worth nothing. It provides a more challenging
where you have to carefully decide on which platforms you should bank on. At the moment
results are a bit too random but it can still give a fun challenge.


**by @kristof1104 **

As the name suggests this mods aims to add virtual competitors to the game, including the ability to buy and own them.

GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod

**by @Darkly **

The Multiplayer Mod aims to turn the game into a multiplayer match where you compete with your friends and includes features like sabotage!



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Nice charlie, are you going to make a second one? if you are when?

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Very good idea! Please do more and show more mods!


Hey, Most likely, yes :wink:


:clap: Great idea @Charlie please make more


Can’t wait for another spotlight, @Charlie! Let’s hope the next one is soon! :smile:


When is the next spotlight? Some new amazing mods have appeared

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we are always happy to take nominations :wink:

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I prefer if the developers themselves looked into their mods themselves. I wanna see what you picked yourselves.

hey,im really new to this moding thing.Can anyone tell me how to extract the mods into the game?