Modded GDT Let's Play Episodes 11 onwards

Episode 11 is finally here… hooray:

mods used: Expansion Pack By Khan and @LineLiar - [REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon

Camelot Expansion Pack By: @SirEverard - [WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -

Competitor Mod by @kristof1104 : [WIP] CompetitorMod by kristof1104 & DzjengisKhan

UltraGDT By @KizzaGaming -

Also the playlist in case you want to catch up on the previous episodes:


Episode 12 is here already:

Enjoy! :smile:

Episode 13 is going to take a bit longer, had original planned on it being released tonight but it should be up tomorrow.

Episode 13 the big finale, it may be a long video but I hope you can make it through the whole video

Here it is:

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This is some nice stuff! :smiley: good job!

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Thank you, I’ve been off the internet or I would have replied earlier