[REL] UltimateContent 0.2.0

Solution found, the .json error is restored, sorry for the long waiting time…never expected the discription to be the error…

Ultracontent is updated !!

1.2.5 includes 2 new topics

and 2 new achievements !

and most important: the .json error is away that caused to make the mod unplayable !!


it should be A.I.

one more thing… it’s spelled
Animal A.I. Companion

@Aswin_Vos My mod is now called UltraGDT
Please update the first post

done :wink:

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UltimateContent 0.2.0

Consoles Added:
-Redberry Blue
-Redberry Zyloo 9
-Nivento GS3
-Dokia Lupia


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Sorry for the bump :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking for Ideas !!!

Version 0.3.0 is going to be released within 3 or 4 hours !

Version 0.3.0 is delayed !
The whole Grapple (Apple) pc, Macintosh, tablet and Phone line is going to be included !

So in the early gaming industry there would be a lot of stuff !

would that not conflict with some other mods like camelodt or kahns expansion mod?

It can be that it has duplicate consoles :frowning:

thats why alsoI would love to see some mods merges with mine because i can fix the dubble ids :stuck_out_tongue:

the both mentioned modd add more than a vew consoles though


I know that :wink:

But i mean little start ups :wink:

@Aswin_Vos please remove the use of Speedy Share and Send Space based links from your mods. This is against the Game Dev Tycoon Modding Agreement:

Other Monetary Benefits and Donations

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(a) you may not add advertisements, other revenue-generating elements or call for donations inside the mod or game itself;

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© you may ask for donations on your website or in mod listings but such requests must follow after the mod description, title or download link and must not obscure these elements or be visually intrusive to users.

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(e) the download link to a mod must remain clearly identifiable and must not be obscured by advertisements;

(f) you may ask for optional donations but donations must not give exclusive benefits. Everyone should have access to the same mod;

(g) installation of mods must be free from advertisements or other revenue-generating elements;

(h) the mod or the mod-installer may not add or install other third party elements, such as toolbars, system utilities or anything not related to the game itself;

Please adjusts your links as soon as you can, otherwise we will have to remove your mod from the forum.

If you know a download link that i can use :wink:

Use mediafire

Who wants a update :? !

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@Aswin_Vos the ads on sendspace are annoying, use mediafire

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it would be nice to get update and u should to change this AI to A.I so reseaches for that be worth.