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The Official Community Mod List

Enabling & disabling mods requires a restart!
Use mods at your own risk!
Greenheart Games is not responsible for the contents of mods. Mods may corrupt your save files or do other harm. Use them at your own risk! Since mods can introduce severe bugs or data corruption we cannot offer user support when mods are in use.

Please note that mods are also available via the Steam Workshop here:

**Please see this thread for an official mod F.A.Q.; **

Modding Tools:

Title: UltimateSuite - UltimateLib :star: Recommended :star:
Author: @alphabit @SirEverard
Link: [REL] [Tools] UltimateSuite - UltimateLib [1.3.4]

Title: UltimateSuite - UltimateModEditor :star: Recommended :star:
Author: @alphabit @SirEverard
Link: [REL] [Tools] UltimateSuite - UltimateModEditor []

Title: Better Error Handling
Author: @Jari
Link: [REL] Better Error Handling

Title: SaveBackup
Author: @Darkly
Link: [BETA] SaveBackup [1.0.3]

Overhaul Mods

Title: Camelot Expansion Pack :star: Recommended :star:
Author: @SirEverard
Link: [WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -

Title: Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon :star: Recommended :star:
Author: @DzjengisKhan @LineLiar
Link: [REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon

Title: EyeCandyMod
Author: @Tyler_Moore
Link: [OUTDATED] EyeCandyMod

Title: Video Game Nerd Expansion Pack
Author: @AnthonyVGNerd @apljee
Link: [WIP] VideoGameNerdExpansionPack MOD!

Title: Futuristic Tech Mod (0.1.1) [GDT 1.4.5]
Author: @SlasherCrasher1
Link: [DISCONTINUED][Rel] Futuristical Tech Mod (V: 0.1.2) {227 Downloads}

Title: UltraGDT
Author: @KizzaGaming @LineLiar

Title: GameUltraTycoon
Author: @ProbNightmare
Link: [WIP] GameUltraTycoon 2.1.2 (Public Release!)

Title: Game Dev Tycoon Upgrade Mod
Author: @supersamuel @iSenzo
Link: [ENDED] Game Dev Tycoon Upgrade Mod / Version 0.5.0 / Continued on Game Dev Tycoon Upgrade Mod 2 Topic

Title: NanoPixel Studios - ALL MODS
Author: @Stian_Furu

Title: Endgame Renewed
Author: @Aceor
Link: [WIP] Endgame Renewed V.0.1.3 Final

Title: The Little Expansion Pack
Author: @SoldierX3
Link: [REL] The Little Expansion Pack[Alpha version]Now in DL!

Title: GDTextended
Author: @Voidition
Link: [WIP] GDTextended [v0.0.7]

Title: Achievements&Consoles Mod
Author: @Jediwolf
Link: [WIP] Achievements&Consoles

Title: NADGamingPlusStuff
Author: @DMX89
Link: [REL] NADGamingPlusStuff

Title: GameExpansions
Author: @Fightera100
Link: [WIP] GameExpansions [V. 0.0.4]

Title: Gotta Get Dem Topics Expansion Mod
Author: @mrhalo123
Link: [WIP] Gotta Get Dem Topics Expansion Mod [1.0.2]

Title: SuperModPack
Author: @Faithless
Link: SuperModPack[ALPHA]

Title: AddPack Multi-topics
Author: @Grizzlykiller
Link: [WIP] AddPack [v1.0.1] Multi-topics

Title: SG-Expansion
Author: @SGamerJoe
Link: [WIP] SG-Expansion [v0.0.5]

Title: Stachurski: "Overload mod"
Author: @Jakub
Link: [discontinued] Stachurski: "Overload mod"

Title: Moodd"
Author: @BestPERSON
Link: [REL] Moodd v0.1.0b

Title: CMPack - (ModPack)"
Author: @snowyterrorgami
Link: [REL] The CMPack (Installation tutorial Included!)

Title: TimeZonePack
Author: @KizzaGaming @supersamuel @iSenzo @LineLiar

Title: Consoles LOL mod
Author: @SecreT
Link: [REL] Consoles LoL mod 1.2! (gdt 1.5)

Title: More Topics/Achievement
Author: @A_Random_Guy
**Link:**[WIP] More Topics/Achievement

Title: More Stuff Mod
Author: @roblox0033
**Link:**[WIP]More Stuff Mod (0.0.3)

Title: SuperDevTycoon
Author: @GameDevUnique

Title: Extra Stuff Mod
Author: @JackBank
**Link:**Extra Stuff Mod 0.0.8 [WIP]

Title: MoreGrapple
Author: @KizzaGaming @iSenzo
Link: [WIP][ALPHA] MoreGrapple

Cheat Mods

Title: Cheat Mod by kristof1104 :star: Recommended :star:
Author: @kristof1104
Link: [REL] Cheat Mod by kristof1104

Title: CrazyCodr’s GameDevTycoon mod
Author: @crazycodr
Link: [REL] CrazyCodr's GameDevTycoon mod

Title: OverpowerMod
Author: @Gamingthrou
Link: [REL] OverpowerMod

Title: OPPOSMod
Author: @KizzaGaming

Topic Mods

Title: More Topics
Author: @KageCoder
Link: [REL] More Topics

Title: WUTE: The ultimate topic mod
Author: @wimali
Link: [REL] WUTE: The ultimate topic mod (ranges from 5-50 topics! 50+ more planned!)

Title: The Topiganza mod
Author: @ronx46
Link: [REL] The Topiganza mod [Accepting Topic Requests]

Title: Simulation Pack
Author: @adi7991
Link: [REL] Simulation Pack

Title: THW Topic Expansion Pack
Author: @AndroidWG
Link: [REL] THW Expansion Pack 1.0

Title: SuperTopicPack
Author: @Faithless
Link: SuperTopicMod[Version 2.1]

Title: ** RealLifeTopics Mod**
Author: @travman1998
Link: [WIP] RealLifeTopics Mod [Alpha_v0.1.1]

Platform Mods

Title: Platform Randomiser Alpha :star: Recommended :star:
Author: @Macha
Link: [WIP] Platform Randomiser Alpha 0.0.5

Title: Infa Mod
Author: @WaveJones @mrdewdew
Link: [REL] InfaMod [1.0.0]

Title: Quas Consoles
Author: @Gamingthrou
Link: [REL] Quas Consoles

Title: Super Consoles mod
Author: @Haxor
Link: [REL] Super Consoles Mod []

Title: The Galactic Games Company Mod
Author: @civvv
Link: [REL] The Galactic Games Company Mod

Title: More Ninvento
Author: @hi5gameslp

Title: Curoe Games
Author: @noahc3

Title: PortableWars
Author: @Gamingthrou

Title: Realistic Platforms
Author: @blairetian

Title: GTDEvolved
Author: @DubstepJesus

Title: UberConsolesMod
Author: @Tylerisepic1

Title: **MoreVena **
Author: @BestPERSON

Title: MOAR Computers
Author: @lilshatespug217

Research Mods

Title: Website Mod
Author: @solal2003

Title: More Research For GDT
Author: @Pulibara

Tweak Mods

Title: Expansion: TweakMod :star: Recommended :star:
Author: @alphabit

Title: StartWithCasualMod :star: Recommended :star:
Author: @alphabit

Title: AnytimeVacation :star: Recommended :star:
Author: @Darkly

Aesthetic Mods

Title: UltimateAchievements :star: Recommended :star:
Author: @SirEverard

Title: Info & Stats Expansion Mod :star: Recommended :star:
Author: @alphabit

Title: The Ultra Achievements Mod
Author: @Dennis_Barton

Title: Percentager :star: Recommended :star:
Author: @SirEverard

Coms, Multiplayer & Co-op Mods

Title: Chat Mod
Author: @Zeratul

Title: GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod
Author: @Darkly

Futuristic Consoles and New Topics
[REL] Expansion: StartsWithMod - 1.1.0
[WIP] VideoGameNerdExpansionPack MOD!
[QUES] Help can't add mods
[WIP] GameUltraTycoon 2.1.2 (Public Release!)
[REL] OverpowerMod
[BETA] SaveBackup [1.0.3]
[REL] Kingofultima's Mod Pack v1.1.1 (Huge Update)
[QUES] Good mods please
[REL] [Tools] UltimateSuite - UltimateLib [1.3.4]
[ques]Asking for a console mod
[REL] CrazyCodr's GameDevTycoon mod
[REL/WIP] AnytimeVacation [1.0.2]
[REL] Chat Mod for Game Dev Tycoon
Changes to our Modding Agreement
[WIP] GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod [Client 0.5.11, Server] (Now in 10 languages!)
[WIP] Caamr's Real Life Expansion (WIP) Update Log
[REL] UltimateAchievements - Released 1.0.0
[REL] UltimateContent 0.2.0
[REL] The Topiganza mod [Accepting Topic Requests]
Mods dont show up in game?
[WIP] Endgame Renewed V.0.1.3 Final
[ques] LittleExpansionPack
[WIP] Yet Another Console Mod by Sartha
[WIP] Researchable Elements mod
[REL] The Little Expansion Pack[Alpha version]Now in DL!
[REL] Simulation Pack
[WIP] GDTextended [v0.0.7]
[WIP] Achievements&Consoles
[REL] NADGamingPlusStuff
[WIP] GameExpansions [V. 0.0.4]
[Bug] Save lost forever?
[WIP] More Research For GDT [0.0.2]
[REL] THW Expansion Pack 1.0
[REL]Realistic Platforms Mod: The Remake Version 1.7. (FOREVER DOOMED)
[WIP] Gotta Get Dem Topics Expansion Mod [1.0.2]
[REL] GTDEvolved test 0.0.1: A mod by TerrorByte
When are the next update coming
[REL] THW Expansion Pack 1.0
[WIP] AddPack [v1.0.1] Multi-topics
[WIP] SG-Expansion [v0.0.5]
[REL] [W.I.P] UberConsolesMod by Tylerisepic1 [0.0.1 Alpha]
[bug] 2D Graphics V3 Bug [Solved]
[discontinued] Stachurski: "Overload mod"
[REL] Moodd v0.1.0b
[WIP] The Ultra Achievements Mod
SuperTopicMod[Version 2.1]
[Bug] Why game breaking bug
[bug] Can't select any new mods!
[ques] 'Expansion' like Mod?
[REL] MoreVena (mod)
[WIP]More Stuff Mod (0.0.3)
Extra Stuff Mod 0.0.8 [WIP]
[REL] [Need Suggestions] MOAR Computers Mod
[REL] Percentager 1.0.0
[WIP][ALPHA] MoreGrapple
Help plz! Error Uncaught error
Are there any mods for Game Dev Tycoon 1.6?
Tazumoto Plays Game Dev Tycoon
Official Modding F.A.Q
Mods Not Appearing In Game
[WIP] Expansion: InfoStatsMod - 0.4.2
[WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -
[REL] Expansion: NoTypeWriter - 1.2.0 Final
[REL] Consoles LoL mod 1.2! (gdt 1.5)
Crashes on windows 8.1
[OUTDATED] EyeCandyMod

Aww why make it invisible @Charlie ?? The topic looks awesome ^^

Awesome Charlie! You rock! :smiley:

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Because I wasnt finished yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Charlie, would the Unofficial Mod List/Index even be needed now’? It’s pretty confusing all the time and most of the mods are outdated. I would suggest this as a better alternative and unpin the other topic to prevent people from being confused and downloading not working mods. :wink:

Good point! thanks :smile:

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delivers burden

I’ve been busy all week with college, but there doesn’t seem to have been a patch to the game, so shouldn’t the Platform Randomiser be listed under WIP instead of Outdated?

EDIT: Never mind, seems to be a bug when running on a fresh install. >_> . WIll fix.

charlie please add my more topics mod ;]

@Macha Let me know when its updated and i will move it out of the outdated category!
@KageCoder - Will do!

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@Charlie I’d rather you put my mod up after I release a download link to my mod, it is a WIP mod but nowhere near finished!

could you guys make a mod to put the original console names…I’d appreciate that.

@ian__escobar Alot of people have requested this, but it would be illegal to use the original names without having the permission from the copyright holders (like nintendo or sony).
As much as I would want it as well, It just not possible. I’m sorry.

@KirbyMario04 Ok, let me know when your done and have updated your thread!

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Can you put me up as a co-author for Video Game Nerd Expansion Pack? I’ve done a fair share of the coding.

What about my SuperConsoles D: ?


@AnthonyVGNerd would need to authorise that as he is considered the current main author.

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@Charlie You can put @apljee as the Co-Author. It is ok.

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I was hoping anyone could help, but can anyone teach me how to add consoles to GDT via Mods?
I wanna make my own mods but I’m hopelessly lost.

This is offical GDT ModAPI Wiki.
There are some examples how to do platforms, topic etc.

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