[bug] Can't select any new mods!


Just go into the .zip and drag the items into a new folder called UltimateLib. Then put that folder inside your mods folder


Or you can just drag the .zip file, drop it into the mods folder and extract it there.


I am using WinRAR.


You can do that with WinRAR


you can do that with a mouse cursor :stuck_out_tongue:


Thought so.


Thanks for the help guys!


@KizzaGaming @MrRain Now both mods work, thanks guys!



Bug Hunter Away!!


Oh wait, I got a error message but it disappeared, I’ll see if I can catch it again.


Alrighty, it might just be the website mod bugging out.
I’ve been wanting to use it but with all the mixed reports, I’ve kinda left it alone until it gets fixed, dies or someone else re-makes the mod.


Error A mod cause an error: Error: Duplicate value for id found: c7ab5539-5034-4077-a24f-c5055f6e5922 Enabled Mods: [“gdt-modAPI”,“UltimateLib”,“webiste"da9a2fo8-0645-4804-b5fb-35e66f5216a”]


And another error: property not set on object: pointsCost


The error with the pointsCost is gone by disabling the Website mod, which seems to me like the cost of it was bugged out so it would practially be free, and the More Vena might be causing the other one, I’ll wait and see.


Now I can’t even select any consoles and it gives me another error: cannot read property ‘isCustom’ of null


Can you give us a full list of all your mods


I ended up deleting them all.


It happens to me (the isCustom thing) when I disable mods.


Hey guys,

Don’t forget to check out the official mod faq and list;

Once you have used mods on a save game, the chances are that your save game has become irrevocably changed. Therefore we would never advise removing mods and continuing on the same save game. To start a new game, as soon as the game hits the ‘click to continue’ screen press the ‘escape’ key and select ‘new’ from the menu.
Be sure to not have any mods activated if you want to maintain the integrity of your new game.

@KizzaGaming @MrRain Many thanks for all the help you guys offered in this thread! :cake:


Thanks @Charlie :cake: