[WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -

84 Years! Woot.

Did you make it that far? xD

I just saw the planned features… GET ON IT NOW, @SirEverard!

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I am just about to upload my refactored code so I can do this xD
Needed a decent code foundation if I want to scale it that much.

Argh! Can’t wait! Don’t fail me now :stuck_out_tongue:

Which ones do you want to see first?

Those are the ones I would like to see before any others. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(in order from which first to which last)

  1. Grid Expansion
  2. Competition
  3. Stock Market
  4. Charity Events
  5. Company Logos
  6. Engine Market
  7. Out Sourcing
  8. Story Line
  9. Offline Improvements
  10. Marketing Expansion
  11. One Man Machine
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Heh okay well I will see what I can do. Hopefully have a new feature tomorrow evening.

@SirEverard sorry it took so long to get back to you i lost power due to weather last night and i just got on but i will be checking it now i will video what happens and if anything happens i will be glad to send you the video so you can see what happens ill check everything and let you know what i find

That would be awesome, it now needs a brand new install just delete the old folder.

@SirEverard will do installing now i will get back to you as soon as i am finished

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@SirEverard okay so there is only a few things that i do think should be changed the a.i debugging you should make it known that you have to go to the r.d. lab to find it it took me a minute to find it i think it will be helpful im doing that now it doesnt seem any faster for me so im going to try again once this is finished its still taking me over 2 years to debug i did do a video but it stopped at 15 minutes so let me keep working to see if the a.i debugging improves speed

Hmm I checked the code. Seems to be working.

No Research: 1 bug point per person.
Debugging Methods: 3 (+2) bug point per person.
Monkey Checkers: 5 (+2) bug point per person.
AI Debugging: 15 (+10) bug point per person.

So with a full team and all the research it should be about 105 bugs per secondish removed.

If you have enabled the console on the game you can run


To check what the number is.

@SirEverard BRILLIANT! as soon as the ai debugger finished it took me 2 months or so to debug 28 thousand bug points! so it works very very well im quite proud someone could take my idea and make it happen but it works well no flaws the only thing im thinking is we try more ideas :smiley:

I’ll probably add some more research options or something at a later date as I have a long list of planned feature but feel free to suggest ideas etc :smile:

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@SirEverard but other than this the only thing that needs to be added is when you unlock ai debugging you need to let us know its in the r.d lab but the debugging is perfect better than i could have imagined should we work on another idea?

The game does that automatically. Did you load an old save? You may have missed the notification.

@SirEverard yes i did i may have over read it while video tapping it with my phone haha :stuck_out_tongue: i will do it again when i do a new game but im sure it does haha :stuck_out_tongue:

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Okay next idea a server fix because you should know when you make an mmo the servers go back and id like to keep the game around longer so being able to fix the servers would be great is it possible?