Things you would like to see in Game Dev Tycoon?

-Additional character models
Very quickly use up the available models with repeated playthroughs/hiring staff.

-Customizable backdrops
This could simply be a colour picker, or a collection of objects that may be placed in the world screen.

-Additional locations,
Bedroom could precede garage. Small office could go after garage etc.

-Developer tools (Research branch)
From visual environments to 3D studios and everything in between,

Diagram at Rigaux serves as a good point for a tech tree with the names thematically changed.

-More early platforms
Ideally, a successful game helps the platform it was developed for, which leads into the next point.

-Early game randomizations
Repeated play throughs mean the messages/news becomes stale fast and needs randomizing to stay fresh. Game changes dynamically based on the success or failure of games released per platform.

-Simulated opponents
Get notifications of how well they’re doing and what they’re releasing. Builds to an eventual multiplayer potential.

-Market research
Replaces the “Strong audience demand for…” by showing dynamic charts. Research is tiered to provide more precise info for more money.

-Partnership deals.
Put a successful game out, and Vonny for instance, may offer a partnership deal for x months or years where you can only put games of the same category (ie RPG) on their platforms. Reward: they share their technical details with you meaning your engines can be optimized, saving you tech time (ie multiplier for tech points generated of 1.2 if partnership deal exists).

-Persistent game history/net charts
Being able to track back and see what factors have worked well and what haven’t from all the games played - not just the current one. Expanded idea: internet DB of top 10 games per combo (for instance) and creator (voluntary submission).

-New stat. Best run at No.1
Include a stat to show which game stayed at No. 1 the longest.

Hey all!

Just purchased the game last night and have been having some fun with it. I like the personal touches, especially when the thank you note from the devs came up and explained that I was playing their first game. It really helped to build a good atmosphere/experience.

However, a couple of things have been bugging me and they are well said in the quote above. I feel that the rating/success chances are too defined and at times possibly even rigged. (Does anyone else always make a massive hit on their 10th game?)

A more dynamic rating & success system with more personality and/or chance would add a lot of enjoyment to my experience of the game.

That being said, please keep in mind that I’m saying this because I enjoy the game and am trying to give helpful feedback. Good luck with your career, Green Heart games!

I have not read every comment, so I apologize in advance, in case anything in my post was already mentioned above.

I liked the idea to have specialists for certain areas of a game (Engine / Story /etc.)

However there are 9 development fields to cover (three in every stage) and you have only 7 Programmers in total. I would really be nice to expand you studio to house 2 additional programmers so you can have one specialist for every field.

Another thing I noticed, no matter what training I gave them, bug kept piling up especially in large or AAA projects. To have an option like “train bug-reduced programming” would be great.

I Would Like You to Add “Sandbox Mode” Where You Have Unlimited Money So You Could Make A God Company

What i would like to see added…

  • More detailed sub categories

i.e Instead of just generalised categories, have more specialised type of sections. So instead of just “Sports”, have more detailed categories Football or Wrestling or golf etc.

  • More random messages

I’m sure im not the only one who has started and restarted what seems like a thousand times and set messages at set points (like the Nintendo/Sony console due out / not coming out) become irritable and samey when you’ve already seen the same message over and over again.

P.s If your games selling well could in return increase the longevity of each console, that would be cool.
i.e You could make games for the G64 and if they sold well, keep the G64 on the market.
That would add more replayability to the game.

Youtube Tab: Lets say in year 10 you made a game called “Super Pants 64” for the TES 64. The game was critically reviled. In year 19, you would go to the youtube tab and it would say “Jontron reviewed Super Pants 64. He threw the cartridge off a cliff” or “Angry Joe reviewed Super Pants 64. He said he would rather play Mindjacked.” Or maybe it could actually affect you. Like if in year 20 you made “Super Pants 2” it could say “Pewdiepie played Super Pants 2. Sales rise.” Or “Egoraptor made a short called AWESOME Pants 2. More people played the game and fans increased.”

I’ve got an idea that seems like a no brainer, imo.

Multi-topics. How many games these days can you think of that don’t employ elements of many many many different topics? Half Life for example, employs elements of horror, science fiction, space, aliens, etc.

Max Payne employed elements of horror, noir, detective, etc.

See where I’m going with this? The ability to mix genres is cool and all, but I feel by not being able to mix topics as well, you severely pigeonhole the games you can come up with, especially considering how many modern era games DO both genre and topic bend routinely.

Aside from that, lag and bug fixes would make this game a pretty addictive time waster.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Office 5: Can hire up to 8 extra employees (9 including you)
  • Office 6: Can hire up to 17 extra employees (18 including you)
  • Super sized games (can assign two employees to each mission)
  • Hire multiple people from the same search
  • More Custom Console abilities, like sale price (effects how many people buy the console), portable consoles, etc.
  • Multiple Platform Development/Porting
  • More powerful hiring search (remove 2m cap, add D/T cutoffs, etc)

I love the game, but i would love it even more if there’s a feature update!

I would honestly love if you get a bigger employee count (Say 18), then you can divide them into teams working on different projects at once…you need a specialist at leading teams and then you can be the big boss telling the teams what they need to work on and that, just like real life.

In real life, i am off work this week on holiday, but in game “i” never get or need a holiday. Would be better if you also needed a vacation and you had to choose which member you want to lead the team while you are away.

Extra points added for naming games with a relevant title name to the genre

If charts comparing your game with others are eventually included, then your review score should be based compared on what else is also released in the same genre and not just your previous score.

“Gameplay” should be made a more important factor than it currently does. I could name numerous games with poor graphics/sound etc, which are still really good to play, due to the fantastic gameplay involved.

Yeah I understand that the Owner wants to fund his company but he does need a break every once in a while…Lumi is completely right.

Suggestion For Review Scores

Currently you need to beat your previous best score, to get good reviews.

I can live with that, but really think if you are making an RPG for instance, your ratings for that game. should only be judged compared to the last highest score you got, for your previous best rated RPG game and not against a game of a different genre, if say your highest game score was a Sports sim

I think that review scores should not be based on how much design/tech points you got…other ways could be better.

I wouldn’t say you’re game is anywhere near finished, you haven’t continued the story of the motion console you just say its coming and never does…

also other people comments


make a mobile phone others

etc …

you come up with a April fools every year so i don’t understand why you don’t add those because their good ideas, i just think its 2 guys that did it for a laugh… i think you should put more effect in like the people that made prison architect they keep adding to their game bacause they care

sorry for the spam and little rude but I LOVE THIS GAME NEED MORE :wink:

They have left the game over to the modders, which I think is a good thing so they can work on their next game while the modders can keep expanding GDT. Check out these mods for example:

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A sequel is just what this game needs! Greenheart Games should spend some of their “Research Points” into 3D Graphics and Better User Experience :slight_smile: The game as it is from Steam, where I purchased it, is certainly fun and I keep going back to it. However it seems to be begging for a deeper experience. Maybe if a sequel comes along the game development company the player starts can influence the market such as keeping consoles on the shelves for longer or something? I would love to see the depth of simulation really drill down and I think that expansion of the simulation will make Greenheart Games a force to be reckoned with???

i would like to see this:

on GDT


2 topics in one game