Franchise (sequel/expansion/remake/multiplatform)

I played the game many times and also popularized it to my friends who are gaming veterans and started their experiences since 8 bit machines.
I read some posts from here about this topic and also opinions over internet.
Original game has sequel options very late, and many first time gamers are trying to do their sequels by just adding numbers to their titles.
Why sequel option should appear at earlier state of the game?
1 - because if we are going to be realistic, sequels were normal thing beginning from 80s. Some popular games had their continuations just after a year of first release.
2 - because some users dont play just for the best possible stats in the game, but they want to create company of their dreams, even if their strategies are not best idea. Some users also want to create imagined series on older computers.
3 - because you decide what you want to create, and if you want to create sequel instead of something new, why you cant do that?
Similar thing is with multi platform.
I and my friends sometimes created the same game for two or more platforms, which was normal for hit games in 80s.
Also remake (very popular thing in today game industry) and especially expansion would be very nice option.
I am programmer, but currently dont have enough time for making such a mod because of other projects on my head, so I am asking if there is someone who would be able to make mod which modify mentioned things if this is possible.
From my observation, these changes are very desired by some part of fans and would allow them to enjoy game even longer and create company of their dreams.


Hi and welcome to the forums!

I believe the reason those features unlock over time is that the game needs to come out with something new quite often to keep things interesting, unlike some other simulation games where you the only change is that you upgrade your equipment to keep up with new technology. Which makes them pretty boring if you ask me. Camelot gives you sequels after your first game, though. :slight_smile:

I don’t think remakes would be any different than sequels gameplay-wise, so whether the game doesn’t have that feature for that reason or not, I’m fine with it not existing.

Expansions for regular games - yeah, that would be a nice way to keep them alive. I don’t remember if there is a mof that adds this.