[WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -


Try downloading UltimateLib


Why I didn’t see that?


It means, that there are added some new Contracts and Publishing Contracts.


ah ok now I understand


when is the next version is going to be published i am really interested
Thank you or your great effort :smile:




thank you man


Probably being dumb here… I’m playing Normal mode (I’m fairly certain), 100-year game… hit a 1M-selling game about 5 years in but didn’t get prompted to get a better office. I know longer games space out the time between consoles; I didn’t think it affected office changes, too…


Nop, longer game don´t affect the office change, i´m playing the 100-year and when i got 1M in cash the option appear.


Really? Then there must be a bug. I’ve played 5 different games and never did I get the opportunity to move up to a larger office after hitting 1M. The only way it’s worked was to disable the mod and play the game ‘vanilla’, then it worked.


you was probably using the 1 man machine gamemode


It makes me so sad that SirEverard isn’t continuing the development of this mod.


He will after he’s done with the Game Dev Tycoon update


and…how much in time this will be done?


Nobody really knows. I only know that the update will feature Steam Workshop support and bugfixes


I really hope that they add Steam Workshop support.


They will.


“Game Engine Details - Game engine is listed in history.”

@SirEverard , well, i´m having a problem with this, i can´t see the engine detail, it appears behind the platform picture:

1366x768p is my resolution.


is it adding those silly contracts which give 1k for 1-week deadline job, while requiring almost the same amount of points as vanila 4-week deadline 14k reward contracts -_-


Could you be more specific with the contract names?