[WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -


11 - Star Games - The Most Epic GDT Mod to ever come to man
11 - Informed Gamer - My eyes melted in epicness
11 - Game Hero - WIP, but still epic.
11 - All Games - Mod of the Year! Any year.


I am having an issue getting this mod to work. I have it placed in the correct folder. I am using the steam version. When I go to activate it in game, it appears in red. Help please?


Do you have gdt-modAPI and UltimateLib installed?


I have the same issue as well with it just being in “red”. When you say do you have the gdt-modAPI and UltimateLib installed can you please give instructions on how you’re supposed to “install” them? I could not find any instructions anywhere.


Where did you get the game from steam, the ghg store etc?


Nevermind I figured it out… UltimateLib is a mod in itself and needs to be in the mods folder as well. Got it.


Is this mod still in development or stopped?


changing the difficulty and the starting money breaks my game. 0 cash, 0 profit, even though it’s supposed to be bankrupt, still 0


I don’t know if it’s something wrong with the game or if I’m just too inexperienced to understand it, but I may have encountered an error where grid stops generating income entirely. Is this a programming issue of am I doing something wrong?





did you mean TAG mod?or Fallout 4?The Last Guardian?or even GDT 2?


Is this even being updated anymore?


Dem all great modders died months ago…

Pray for them… :cry:


Would someone mind showing me the source code for the better numbers? I would like to make my own mod that went all the way to at least the octillions.


Is this true?


Yeah they died, not like they posted on a recent thread or anything…


But…what happened?
Anyone know?


they just quit life forum forever for a long while.


i hope this expansion pack will come back


I cant activate the mod because in the game menu it appears red please help me!