[WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -


The issue is most likely due to UltimateLib not being installed, however, I’d suggest avoiding UL and therefore this mod as UL is known to cause issues.


Omg I totally forgot about UltimateLib… I didn’t even install it XD Thanks anyway!


Sigh, if i was still around in 2014 or 2015, i would say that the Grid is always a problem to me. v_v


Ahhh the good ol’ memories :sob:

I hope Game #2 will have great upcoming mods!


Sounds like something I would definitely be interested in!


I do understand that this is an very old topic but…

Has anyone gotten that Grid Budget Error?


Is this mod still being developed actively?


Sadly No.

Would be nice if someone like you would revive it. Just similar how @JetFox sort of revived GDTMP.


I could take over this project if @SirEverard would allow me to.


Judging by his activeness, He does seem to be active incognitoly, so yea, message him and see if he does allow. Respond if any news.


hey everyone i have a little problem my mod is red and not working
i maked something wrong? (sorry if you dont understand some things because i dont speak english)

edit: i see near at download button ultimate lib download i forget to install that :sweat_smile: