How do i install mods for Windows 8.1

I see Game dev tycoon mod api and the mod i want to use GDTupgrade2

I don’t know what you mean with GDTupgrade2. Can you post a screenshot?

Have you activated GDTupgrade2? And make sure it requires UltimateLib.

Is a mod that he wants to use.

@King_Baller what exactly isn’t working?

Hello! @Charlie created a video on how to install mods a while back.

Hey, The only mod called GDTUpgrade2 I found was this one:

Does it require the ‘Ultimate Lib’ mod? Most mods do.

I already explained that ;_;

Yeah guys I have ultimate lib but doesn’t appear but now my mods are red.Sorry but can’t post screenshots

Did you see the video I sent?

Yes but my mods are red now

Do you have the mod API?


We wont be able to help you without screenshots.

You dont have UltimateLib installed, you might need that for that mod

I have that i saw that i didn’t have it put it in ,a exited an my mods are still reds

Is UltimateLib showing in your mods list??

I would suggest you try another mod, this mod might not work as it should.


okay i will let you know if it works.