[REL] NADGamingPlusStuff


Made with UME !

The mod is on alpha stage !


Currently it’s a small mod and it’s my first one, don’t be rude
with me :stuck_out_tongue: It contain console, topics, research engine and achievements for now.

The mod requires the UltimateLib


Download my mod here !

NADGamingPlusStuff v0.5.1 (35 years recommend)


-6 consoles
-1 research engine
-32 topics
-9 achievements

Feature planned

Dont have much time for futur update, so it’s gonna be the last state of my mod


V0.5.1 (Apr.7.2014) Alpha

-Update my mod for avoid conflict with the UltimateLib 1.3.3
-Add Survival topic
-Add Sandbox topic
-Add Lego topic
-Add Dragon topic
-Add Knight topic
-Add Assassin topic
-Add Ghost topic
-Add FPS topic
-Add Third Person Shooter topic
-Add Platform game topic

V0.5.0 (Féb.23.2014) Alpha

-Change the start amount of Itari 2600, Itari 5200 and Itari 7800
-Change the unit sold of Itari 2600, Itari 5200 and Itari 7800
-Change the license price of Itari 2600, Itari 5200 and Itari 7800
-Change the end life message of Itari 7800
-Verification of the ingame date (again :P)
-Add achievement reach 500k$
-Add achievement reach 1M$
-Add achievement reach 10M$
-Add achievement reach 100M$
-Add achievement reach 500M$
-Add achievement reach 1k fans
-Add achievement reach 10k fans
-Add achievement reach 100k fans
-Add achievement reach 1M fans
-Add achievements values, i do it later cause i don’t know what to write in x)
-Add Zarcades 1.0 console
-Add Play and Catch console
-Add Itari Zynx console
-Add Pinball topic
-Add Hack N Slash topic
-Add skate topic
-Add Board Game topic
-Add fitness topic
-Add Amusement Park topic
-Add Combat Flight topic
-Add Dinosaur topic
-Add Tower Defense topic
-Add Trivia topic
-Add Fighting topic
-Add Zombie Apocalypse topic
-Add research engine 32 Bits Support

V0.1.1 (Féb.19.2014) Alpha

-Fix the events and consoles for 35 years, so it’s now recommend to play 35 years with this version

V0.1.0 (Féb.17.2014) Alpha

-Change the date of the death of Itari 2600
-Change the number of units sold at the end of Itari 2600 market for more common sense x)
-Add Itari 5200
-Add built message of the Itari 5200
-Add end life message of Itari 2600
-Add Itari 7800
-Add death date of the Itari 5200
-Add built message of the Itari 7800
-Add death date of the Itari 7800
-Add Cat topic
-Add dog topic
-Add card topic
-Add cooking topic
-Add magic topic
-Add demon topic
-Add Angel topic
-Add mythology topic

V0.0.5 (Féb.16.2014) Alpha

V0.0.1 (Féb.16.2014) Private test


Thanks to PatrickKlug and DanielKlug for ths awesome game ! :slight_smile:

Thanks to alphabit and SirEverard for UME and UltimateLib ! :slight_smile:


I would recommend using [WIP] [REL]
WIP = Work in Progress
REL = =Release

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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No problem, glad i could help :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is there a place where this letter system is write ?

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Also, will this mod go into beta testing???
If so i would be glad to test

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For now it’s alpha but you can test it and give me feedback :stuck_out_tongue: Not alot of content now but i try to make more x)

i mean as in will a closed group of people have access to development builds before the public release???

If i can find how to make a close group, sure why not ? x)

Click on a user. then select private message and then give the message a name etc. then there will be a button that says “Add User” so you can add other users in the future :stuck_out_tongue:


Added to official mod list; :smile:

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Thank you Charlie :slight_smile:

I need some feedback if someone want contribute to help my development :smile:

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20 download and no feedback :s
My mod must be amazing ! xP

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Cause i lost a bit of interrest to mod right now. I’m gonna stop to mod my mod for a bit, but i’m sure i’m gonna continu a bit later. I was needing some feedback but people don’t give me :s

My mod must be great cause about 50+ download and no feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

7/10 Good mod.

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Hey Thank you :smile:

what do you think i should change in my mod ? :stuck_out_tongue:

You should remove the topic “Zombie Apocalypse”, because the topic “Zombies” is practically the same.

Yay but it have not the same good and bad genre combination :stuck_out_tongue:


87 downloads so far for version 0.5.0 ! Thanks for your contribution ! :stuck_out_tongue:

And now the good news ! Update to 0.5.1 ! :smiley: