[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon

im glad that @Venomous was banned that guy was mean D:

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I can make some transparent background but my computer is… Please don’t ask, I’m typing on my ipad mini 2

I really want @DzjengisKhan to do a bit more work on the custom computers then call the mod finished.

What sort of things do you mean with ‘a bit more work’??

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Read it! A bit more work on the Custom COmputers!

We (@SirEverard & @alphabit ) are also in need of some artwork for creating a bundled images and platform collections in our UltimateModEditor project :wink:

So we would be happy if you would like to contribute to the project and share your art with us :wink:

Let me know what you think about :slight_smile:

ps. And @DzjengisKhan needs to continue on that grin

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What kind of art work do you need?

I still wanted to see sound cards added more GPUs added more motherboards different brands of RAM stuff like that.

Yeah, and those DDRs DDR 2 DDR 3 DDR 4 DDR 5 blah… blah…

I can´t see the mod in the menu. I have unpacked the mod in the mod folder. What can I do ? Sorry for the bad english.

Can you send me a pm with a screen shot of your mods folder?? I can help you after that.

sorry I cant upload photos as new user but i say you what i see
There are two mods activated:
The API Mod from Greenheart games
and the Cheat Mod

But what is the folder called that you have in the mods folder?? Is it ‘GDT-expansion-pack-master’ or ‘ExpansionPack’?

I dint take the folder out of the other folder :blush: sorry :smiley: but thank you for the help

You’re welcome :smiley:

Thank you for this mod!!!

And if you have time to help me with coding that would be awesome, i know javascript it just…how to put it all into a game, thanks for this mod tho i am going to have a lot of fun with it

~Best part is setting your own price for games

Hi, can I install this mod with the non-Steam version? thanks


thx, but how? I dont see a tutorial for non steam version or maybe I dont see how

What OS are you using