[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon

This is my overal expansion pack for Game Dev Tycoon.
It is made with the intention of being the best content-adding mod in the GDT community and so far I think we’re doing a great job at that because with plenty new topics, consoles, events, custom computers, custom prices and many more this mod will make a new gameplay a very entertaining one :smiley:

You can donwload my mod/follow it’s progress in the link below!!


Download it from my GameDevMods page.

This mod requires UltimateLib

Small hint: Try playing this mod with @SirEverard’s Camelot Expansion Pack and Info & Stats Expansion Mod by @alphabit for a brand new GDT experience.

  • 80 New topics
  • 11 New platforms
  • 8 New events
  • 22 New research options
  • Black Bull (energy drink for your staff)
  • Custom prices: Choose your own price for the game (beware, to expensive games with bad score can lower your sales)
  • Custom computers: Create your own computers from scratch. Selecting the OS, CPU, motherboard and more
  • Possibility to search for a certain topic when you start creating a game
  • Custom difficulties (easy, normal, hard)

I have put a lot of time, effort, and sometimes even frustration into this mod. So if you like it/love it, and want to show that to me, you can donate something with the paypal link provided above ^^ Every amount is very much appreciated!!

(Version 1.2.0)

  • Added keyboards, mice and headsets to custom computers.
  • Added 3 new textures to the custom computers.

(Version 1.1.5)

  • Added custom difficulties.
  • Requirement for UltimateLib.

(Version 1.1.0)

  • SirEverard optimized the search bar to look like the wat it’s supposed to be.

(Version 1.0.0)

  • Added search bar in the topic menu when creating a game for easy topic finding. (+ starting fresh with version number)

More will be added as time goes by and the API gets extended!!

~~~ DzjengisKhan ~~~


nice work thanks

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I love the new topics you’ve put in, great work man!

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Thanks for the great feed back guys!!

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Can’t install it says script error for:
Then I can’t read more.

This is what modConfig.js has in code.

var ModConfig = {};
(function () {

	ModConfig.enabledMods = [
		{ script: 'gdt-modAPI/modAPI.js' },
		{ script: 'GDT-Expansion-Pack-master/ExpansionPack.js' }


Well, I probably know what you did wrong. Let me aks this question to make sure:
Does you mod consists of 3 .js files?
If not, I would gladly help you but that’s difficult through the forum.
And if yes, send me a private message with a .rar/.zip file with you mod and i will check for errors

It has only one ExpansionPack.js
I downloaded from the link, I pressed download as .zip and I couldn’t install the mod.
Check your PM box.

@glampkoo oww sorry i thought you meant you wanted to add a mod yourself. To add the mod you need to change modConfig.js to this:
var ModConfig = {};
(function () {

ModConfig.enabledMods = [
	{ script: 'gdt-modAPI/modAPI.js' },
	{ script: 'GDT-Expansion-Pack-master/ExpansionPack.js' },
        { script: 'ExpansionPack/ExpansionPack.js' }


That should do the job

Where in the world do I get the ExpansionPack folder?

hmm now you say so… maybe i should put my github project in an ExpansionPack folder so it’s alot easier haha if you wait 1-5 minutes i will upload a new version!!


@glampkoo Done ^^ the new file is available on my GitHub project

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Thanks! It works perfectly, hope you fix the type that are in the mod.

What are thy typos exactly?? Please tell me so i can fix them english isn’t my native language ^^

line 249:
“Maybe you should give a party for the neighborhood to celebrate it? But it will cost some money ofcourse.” It should of course

line 264:
“The party was a massive succes”. should be success.

line 275:
“Looks like things will be quite tonight.” It’s not quite it’s quiet. quite means a lot while quiet means silent.

line 298:
“Boss, the fans have discovered that were’re developing {0}, and wondering what it’s about. We could tell them, and get much needed hype. But we could go all out in telling them the details, or vaguely give them out. We could just ignore them, hoping this doesn’t hurt the fan base too much.”

Boss, the fans discovered that we’re developing {0}, and are wondering what it’s about. We can tell them so that we get much needed hype. But should we go all out in telling them the details, or vaguely give them out? We can also just ignore them, hoping this won’t hurt the fanbase too much.

I will end here for now. Will give more corrections later.

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Thank you very much, I’ll update the mod as soon as I’m done working!

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Hello, when ever I start the game up I get an uncaught error? I’m not sure how to fix this, I did what you said in HowTo file, and what you said in reply that the fellow but it still doesn’t work.

Send me a PM and I will help you with it! :wink:

I Can’t seem to figure out how to PM you :frowning:

Click on my picture or name and you will get the option to PM me (private message).