Let's Look At Mods!

With the release of the Modding API and Steam Work Shop I decided to try mods for GDT. This coincided with me dipping my toe into the world of Youtube. So I’ve decided to combine the two. Now I’ve got a series up where I will be doing quick looks and full playthroughs with a variety of mods. I’m starting with the Unofficial Expansion Pack.

Stop by and have a look!


Series sounds cool!

Can’t wait to see what mods you have planned

Cool. Seem to do a nice job of commentating so far!

Thank you for the positive feed back!

I’m recorded a few ahead so the current release schedule is M-Th-Sa. I also have a Billion Dollar Challenge series on the channel… it starts out a bit weak as I was learning as I went.

Today I have finished up my look at the Unofficial Expansion Pack. Up next I’m going to give the mod creator a whorl.

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