Version 1.4.5 for Windows and Mac is live

We’ve released version 1.4.5 for Windows and Mac (still fighting with some Linux issues).

Here is the changelog:

v1.4.5 21. Nov. 2013

  • Added: Mod support
  • Added: 6 languages all in beta (Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Czech, German, Hungarian, Spanish)

###Trying out mods
This means that you can now use mods outside of steams. Here’s a tutorial on how to install mods.

If you want to try some out you can look at the Unofficial Mod List. A lot of them a very raw, we’d recommend either the Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon or if you want to cheat in the game then the Cheat Mod.

###Creating mods
If you want to create a mod, head over to the official Game Dev Tycoon Modding API github project which is, in fact, a mod itself.

####What language can I write mods in?

Just as the game itself, mods are created using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

###What can mods do?

The current API methods enable modders to easily add topics, add consoles and add complex story events but your mod is not limited to that. With a bit of JavaScript knowledge you can do much more. If you feel like helping other modders you can even extend the API itself. We fully intend to accept pull-requests and enhance the API together with the community.

####And when will we get Steam Workshop support?

That will depend on how much interest we see in modding. If there is a lot of interest we will consider Workshop support.


With this release we have also included the beta state of the current translations so that more people can test them.


Linux? Which date?

I am currently working on it.

I know the current release date is,

“Somewhere near the end of the year,”

but now that there’s further progression, do you have a more specific release date for non-steam users?

Nice to hear!

@apljee 1.4.5 Windows and Mac is already available for non-steam users also.

Oh, didn’t know what you meant by the other sentence, and I was told by Patrick that the release date for non-steam users is near the end of the year.

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Greenheart games develop this update 2 months?

Good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there an estimate as to when the steam version of GDT will have the update?

Can someone who is experienced with Java scripting make, maybe, a mod that renames the consoles to the consoles they were a cameo of? Example would be TES64 to N64, GameSphere to Gamecube(shape would follow), etc.

It’s against the modding license to do so, because the devs don’t want those companies to bother them about trademarks if someone makes a real names mod.

So how do I update it?

It depends which edition you have.

Steam Edition - Auto updates itself as long as you have an internet connection (Which Steam states is a requirement of using Steam)

Greenheart Games Standard Edition for Windows & Mac - Update via the links in the order fulfilment email from Fastspring
If you no longer have this email please email with the name, email address and purchase information of the original account holder. The order fulfilment email will then be resent to that email address.

I just got this update. I think while there were many much needed features, the original cost and profit ratio is messed up.

Thanks for the feedback! can you be more specific and give an example?

Well, I had about $500,000,000 M in one of my saved games before the 1.4.5 update. After just couple month it became negative. One of my MMOs as making tons of money before but now it is just all costs. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

This isn’t a glitch. Eventually, MMO’s lose popularity unless you release an expansion pack or close it down. So, either(if you haven’t) research Expansion Packs, if you have it then release expansion packs, or you can just close it down!

But that wasn’t happening before I got the update…