Version 1.4.5 for Windows and Mac is live


We rebalanced the MMO side of things as feedback told us that it was making the game too easy.

You may like to check out our changelog here;


I have the Dell Venue 8 Pro, a windows 8 tablet.

Realize that I couldnt play the steam version of GameDev Tycoon because I dont have access to a bluetooth mouse… lol…

I saw there is a GameDev Tycoon on the windows store… Is this optimized for tablets or will it work on a tablet that uses onscreen keyboard?


Yes, it was designed for touch on Windows 8 tablets. We plan to look into the Steam version too to make it work better on touch-only devices.


So my other question is, since I have bought the game but not for the window 8 tablets, will I beable to play this version or do I have to rebuy the game?


We are sorry but it is not currently possible to be given an edition from another store, other than the store you purchased from.
With the exception of Steam Keys which are available to all our customers.

Wondering if I can download a desktop version if I already bought the tablet version?

How do i do this on a Mac???


Btw @DanielKlug, thank you for recommending my mod to people ^^ It means alot to me that the developers say that!


I noticed that there was an update today just under 1Mb. What was changed?


probably bug-fixes


@mwyeoh We added the Dutch (Beta) translation and updated all other languages.


Ok, thanks!


What is about the 1.4.5 for Linux?


We are working on it. Many thanks for your patience! :smile:

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Linux 1.4.5 is already finished?


Here is our changelog

Linux is still version 1.4.4.


sorry for the delay. the linux situation is a bit complicated. part of the release is 1.4.5 (via fastspring some of the downloads) but we are seeing issues where loading mods simply crashes the game entirely when running the linux version on steam. we will hopefully track this down in the coming weeks.


Danke für die Info

Thanks for the information


I just read the above thread. It’s quite helpful for my work. I have my mac of version 4. I faced a lot of issues while using my mac on the very first year. But then I overcame it by working very hard.