[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon


I do not have that option, I only see “Visit Profile” and “Show Only 2 posts by LineLiar in this topic”.


Okay, I will PM you then. When it’s done and I send it you should’ve a green speech bubble at the big speech bubble in the right corner. Click on the big speech bubble and you wil get (Mail Icon) LineLiar Title

EDIT: Should be done by now.


how about a changelog where you show what has been added x-x


can be found here:


What about new topics like Parkour and Survival? They both go well on Simulation.


Also why does the brand new consoles (vpps, 3ds) appear right in the beginning of the game?


This was an error in the release dates/ release messages from the consoles, it should all be fixed right now.


I also recommend to add a changelog. Look a wild free texture for your mod! check your pm box.


There is a change log on the wiki of my GitHub Project. But i have to re-structure my github project so it’s a bit more user friendly


I was thinking that the 3GS would be less for young people, as the 3D features can damage kids under 7 eyesight.


You should add the Xbone :wink: Otherwise Awesome mod so far!


@bzb113 if you refer to the Xbox One, this is already added in the original game alongside with the PlayStation 4 ^^


Oh ok Thanks!


How to download?


@Wayss on the GitHub project download the full project as a zip file. Unpack the file and follow the steps from the How to file


@DzjengisKhan gdt-modAPI/modAPI.js where is this modAPI.js? I try on 1.4.4. version but nothing happen. I put it to mods folder, create a modsconfig.js, paste script… something I doing wrong?


You need 1.4.5 which is only in Beta mode on the Steam version of Game Dev Tycoon.


Wut? You will say I need a STEAM account? No, thanks.


Then you can’t have mod support for non-steam till December 2013 or early-2014.


Okay :frowning: