[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon

I do not have that option, I only see “Visit Profile” and “Show Only 2 posts by LineLiar in this topic”.

Okay, I will PM you then. When it’s done and I send it you should’ve a green speech bubble at the big speech bubble in the right corner. Click on the big speech bubble and you wil get (Mail Icon) LineLiar Title

EDIT: Should be done by now.

how about a changelog where you show what has been added x-x

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can be found here:

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What about new topics like Parkour and Survival? They both go well on Simulation.

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Also why does the brand new consoles (vpps, 3ds) appear right in the beginning of the game?

This was an error in the release dates/ release messages from the consoles, it should all be fixed right now.

I also recommend to add a changelog. Look a wild free texture for your mod! check your pm box.

There is a change log on the wiki of my GitHub Project. But i have to re-structure my github project so it’s a bit more user friendly

I was thinking that the 3GS would be less for young people, as the 3D features can damage kids under 7 eyesight.

You should add the Xbone :wink: Otherwise Awesome mod so far!

@bzb113 if you refer to the Xbox One, this is already added in the original game alongside with the PlayStation 4 ^^

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Oh ok Thanks!

How to download?

@Wayss on the GitHub project download the full project as a zip file. Unpack the file and follow the steps from the How to file

@DzjengisKhan gdt-modAPI/modAPI.js where is this modAPI.js? I try on 1.4.4. version but nothing happen. I put it to mods folder, create a modsconfig.js, paste script… something I doing wrong?

You need 1.4.5 which is only in Beta mode on the Steam version of Game Dev Tycoon.

Wut? You will say I need a STEAM account? No, thanks.

Then you can’t have mod support for non-steam till December 2013 or early-2014.

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Okay :frowning: