[Talk] Don't stop developing Expansion Pack

I am a big fan of @DzjengisKhan’s and @LineLiar’s Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon and have read and have sadly acknowledged that it will be discontinued :frowning:

This makes me kinda sad and a little bit angry, since I think this mod is one (if not THE) best content expansion mod currently on scene.

I enjoy this mod since ever and it has given me (and continues to give) a lot of fun. It’s well balanced and it has a reasonable (but not too much) contents.

It fills up a gap of the original game and it makes playing even more fun :smile:

So I would like to start this topic because I would like Dzjengis and Liar to continue developing this mod.

I can understand that it is demotivating fighting against copycats, but I’m also sure that in the end quality wins over quantity.

So… please please please… don’t stop it! :slight_smile: Let’s find a solution which is good for all!

Just wanted to express my broken heart to you…

ps: Let’s be fair on this topic. Please no insults, flaming or whatsoever. Let us discuss fair and objective. Thanks :wink:





My two cents:

If you’re developing a mod and you look at other mods for ideas or help on how to do things. You can ask. There are many of us here to help with modding save code being stolen.

The modding community here is also rather small. So there are plenty of untapped ideas. So if you do make a mod make something that hasn’t been done yet. There are loads of people posting ideas in the ideas forum if you are stuck for any inspiration.

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I read that topic you guys all went crazy @Haxor @LineLiar you probably made @Venomous want to kill himself. Thats bad guys. But with that being said i also didnt know venomous was doing this until reading that last topic. But i do think thats bad to copy work like that. You said he was warned several times??? jeez i wouldve contacted Charlie And EvoGamer the second time i had to warn him! But he shouldnt have done that and you guys shouldnt have been that mean. But still you guys had a good reason you were being mean.… To tell @DzjengisKhan to not give up!!! please dont stop Dzjengis. Please.

I don’t like it when people gets dissed publicly! There are many different personalities around here, one is more sensible the other less.

In the past there were also creeping stories about young people that couldn’t cope with such a public dissing… the consequence was suicide.

So while @Venomous might have been not that fair in regards of @DzjengisKhan, I don’t think he deserves to be threaten that way.

I like it when a discussion is being hold fair and objective. Sure one can be mad at someone and express his opinion, but it easily can get beyond the boundaries of what is acceptable.

On the other hand I can also see the @Venomous didn’t do that much to clarify this situation.

To me, as experienced developer, the situation is quietly clear: if you publish your code without any kind of protection or restrictive terms, you can expect copycats.

What angers me a bit is the fact that all of us are doing a hard work during their spare time contributing to this community and it would be more than fair to play by the rules in respect to the others.

It’s nothing wrong to take other people’s code and learn / train from it.
It’s nothing wrong to ask for permission to use part of the code.
It’s nothing wrong to share similar ideas.

But if someone declines you the usage of code, you have to accept it and try something else.

@SirEverard has correctly pointed out that there are plenty of untapped ideas. So it would be basically no big deal to find something which doesn’t exist.

When I started here on GHG, I was irritated by @DzjengisKhan’s mod, because I had to use my brain to find out what could be useful for the gamers of GDT. I’ve took inspiration and ideas from others. Everyday learning a little bit more about the game flow and mechanics. I asked permission to use some parts / techniques found in other mods. I credited thus guys in the release of the mods. So, fair play works :wink:

@SirEverard and me would like to publish our UltimateSuite without having to worry about being leaked / copied / hoodwinked. So we follow this discussion with interest, since it will also give us a clear direction on how we will proceed in future with our contributions.

That being said, I hope that in a short term, all of us find back to normality, and that, of course, @DzjengisKhan resumes the development of the Expansion Pack :heart:


:clap: Thank you. Well put. And kinda what i was trying to say just didnt know how to put it. Atleast someone knew how to put it though.

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Aww, This kinda makes me sad :cry:

As I said in the previous topic, I don’t really want to quit modding, since I learn alot from it for my future study and it gives me alot of fun. So I will re-think my decision once everything is settled and maybe the development of EPM (or a new mod) will continue. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support once again!!
I love this community :heart:


And the community loves you :heart: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m happy that you will re-think your decision. I’m sure there will be a lot of people supporting you with that!
I’m surely one of them!

Wow! Someone mentions me as Co-Owner of the Expansion Pack, well that’s new. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t really do anything about it if DzjengisKhan decides to stop. I’m not as good as DzjengisKhan and just helped him were I could. (That’s basically why I got the title.) I helped somewhat with the answering questions and the administrating part (I guess :P). If DzjengisKhan decides to stop with the Expansion Pack Mod I have nothing to help with and there’s no administrating part. That will be the end of my Expansion Pack Mod career also, then.

@AnthonyVGNerd and all the other people, yes I was very mad yesterday. I don’t think we wanted to make him kill himself, that’s a bit of an overreaction if I look at tit. He has done things to us (DzjengisKhan and me) where we think of… seriously Venomous? We were like his fathers (lol :P) and always had to correct them when he was wrong. Stole code, changed code to make us think he didn’t steal code (cough custom mobiles cough) etc. We really irritated us on him, so I took advantage of the oppurtunity and made him feel the irritation we always felt. I have of course, sometimes gone through the border (not even over lol :P) but he’s not gonna get my apologise. For that, he’s gone miles over the border in my case. Also, we have contacted staff earlier, Charlie knew about every little code that has been stolen (as far as I know). And hey! It wasn’t only me and Haxor, Stian_Furu also joined the party. I hope you can see it from (in this case) my perspective too just like the other people.

Now hugs to @alphabit for making this topic because DzjengisKhan literally doesn’t have to stop (although I already talked a lot about it with him yesterday :P). It’s nice to see the community from it’s bright side in this topic… but someone had to bring back the bad ol’ memories (jk ;P). Now let’s all get cake and wait for the yes from DzjengisKhan (and his name that I always type wrong on the first try -_-’’)


Were we really so mean?

Not from my perspective. :stuck_out_tongue: I get his perspective though. Read my comment on it and I think you will agree with me.

We weren`t mean in that topic…

Have you read my comment yet? I guess you will agree.

I did. And I agree. I dont want him dead. I wasnt really so mad, because I didint belive that Khan could quit modding. Especially, when I knew that there are ways to stop Venomous copying his mod.
But, I downloaded His oh my gawd mod, and… It was low quality, so.

The pictures for the consoles are what annoys me the most. Let’s don’t turn this into a hatetopic again, though. :wink:

Thats what Im talking about.
BUT! @DzjengisKhan copied an research from modAPI wiki :open_mouth: called “Swift Loading”

DzjengisKhan MADE the researches. modAPI stole it from the mod. :stuck_out_tongue:

DzjengisKhan maked the mod before API.

Come on guys… we all know this already! So let us be like fonzies… u know, fonzies are coooool :snowman:

We all know what happened and we wanna make things fine again!
I’m sure that @Venomous will do better on his next project, won’t he? :wink:

It’s a pity that this all happened… but I’m sure we’ll fix it :slight_smile: