[QUES] How do i mod GDT?

Ok so how do i mod GDT,I just got 1.4.5 and have tried to mod it.I made a mods folder and started the game went to the mods menu but didnt see the mod,the mod im trying to use is DzjengisKhan GDT-Expansion-Pack.

Hey jackolater,

You should watch this video that @Charlie made: Official Modding F.A.Q

It explains everything really good. She uses @kristof1104’s cheat mod but it works the same with my Expansion Pack Mod. Hope the video can help you ^^

~~~ DzjengisKhan ~~~

um i did all this also im not using steam

What version of the game are you using then? Windows store, desktop version??


Hey @jackolater The mods folder should have been already present if version 1.4.5. was successfully installed.
Also when you go in-game and check the options menu you should have a “mods” button.

The path for the mods folder on windows is;
C:\Program Files (x86)\Game Dev Tycoon

1.4.5 was successfully installed but no mod folder was present so i just made one and put the expansion mod there,when i clicked the mod button all that was present was the API

Have you tried installing other mods to see if they show up?

Also which OS are you using? Mac has its mods folder in a different place.

I have tried the Cheat Mod but it does not show up in game.Also I’m using Windows 7 not Mac.

I would suggest trying the Expansion mod because its folder structure is correct for just a simple drag and drop

Where as the cheat mod requires you to open the first folder and drag and drop the second tier folder.

You kept it in the master folder open the master folder and there will be a folder called Cheat Mod that is what you need.

I never kept it in the master folder,i actually took out a folder named Cheat Mod and put it into the mods folder,same with the expansion mod,but it wont show up in the mod menu of GDT.