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Hey, You need to put the contents of the master folder into the folder so that it looks like this;

I have exactly the same screen (unless I have only 2 mods)
but when I go on GDT and click on “mods” I have nothing else than the link to this website.

I’m on windows7, using steam.

What can I do?

Ok I found where the problem is from. I was using the game in French. I’m now in English and everything works!

I have a error in my current game. I am playing with Ultimatelib and Expansion Pack but this error is from Ultimatlib

Error Uncaught error. Please report this to Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘complete’ of undefined (file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Game%20Dev%20Tycoon/mods/UltimateLib/UltimateLib.js:1852) Please restart the game.

Enabled Mods: [“gdt-modAPI”,“UltimateLib”,“1f4a2b2d-c640-414c-a097-9a5e7c446f8c”]

This keeps happening every time I try to build an R&D Lab. Any way to fix this? I’ve been restarting the game but it hasn’t work.


You are best of reporting that on the ultimate lib thread here;

i learned how to mod, from my bf, but when i got out of the practise i just forgot how to do all that

Maybe this helps :blush:

I’m using the UME (Ultimate Mod Editor) and I’m trying to create a new series of Graphics research items, to do this the second item (80’s Cartoon Shaders V2) needs to have the first item (80’s Cartoon Shaders V1) as a criteria. The problem is that only stock research items are an option when selecting criteria and when I manually input the first item I get a “Expected (” error. Can someone please help?

I use linux.


Where do you find the files on windows store version

Game Dev tycoon folder > mods

Not available, sorry.

Hey @Charlie!

Please include a Linux tutorial on installing mods. I’ll PM it to you if you need instructions :stuck_out_tongue:

HELLO there has been an error on my game dev tycoon and I can’t play anymore.

I have installed mods and it keeps of saying errors please watch out for it thank you.

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Nobody will, because you’re not saying any information at all; Neither which mods. Unless you post any screenshots, and tell me the mods you’re using, personally I, won’t help you.


Dont talk like that, you would be better off asking him nicely if he could post some pictures.


As FireChaos mentioned, we would need some pictures of the error to help you :slight_smile:



As Stian said, some more information would be helpful. Such as a list of mods which have been used (even if they were later removed) which game version, platform and OS you are using.
From an official point of view i would suggest that you start a new game. To do this as soon as the game hits the ‘click to continue’ screen press the ‘escape’ key and select ‘new’ from the menu. Then save this game.
However if you can give more details here on the forums other users may well be able to offer alternatives.
Best of luck!

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Typed it because I’m tired; Forgot to add a happy emoticon to make the user feel better.

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