Official Modding F.A.Q

The Official Modding F.A.Q.

Information For Users

How do I install a mod?

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Game Dev Tycoon\mods
    (Your path may be slightly different if you did not install in the default location)
  2. Extract the contents of the Zip file into the mods folder

Here is a video guide I made that has more detail;

If i want to deactivate a mod can i continue playing on my save game?

Most likely not. You will need to start a new game if you deactivate any mods.
Creating a backup of your save files before using mods will ensure that they are not permanently corrupted

When will we get Steam Workshop support?

We are working on it!

Where is the mod folder on a Mac?

  1. Go to your Game Dev Tycoon folder. You can find it by going to
  2. Library>Application Support>Steam>SteamApps>common>GameDevTycoon In
  3. the folder there should be the Game Dev Tycoon icon. Right click on
  4. it and press “Show Package Contents”. Go into the “Contents” folder.
  5. Go into the “Resources” folder. Go into the “app.nw” folder.

Many thanks to @theretron1 for his tutorial here; [TUT] Where To Find The Mod Folder (Mac Users)

Mods and Linux
Navigate to your Game Dev Tycoon installation directory. If you’re using Steam, this is normally “/home/.steam/Steam/steamapps/common/GameDevTycoon”.

Extract the contents of the zip file into the mods folder
(Thanks to @Stian for this)

Where can i find more mods?

On our official mod list here;

Information For Modders

Where can I find out more about modding?

Please head over to the official modding API project.

What language can I write mods in?

Just as the game itself, mods are created using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

What can mods do?

The current API methods enable modders to easily add topics, add consoles and add complex story events but your mod is not limited to that. With a bit of JavaScript knowledge you can do much more. If you feel like helping other modders you can even extend the API itself720. We fully intend to accept pull-requests and enhance the API together with the community.

Modding Etiquette

  • Please remember that modders are not required to support their mods;
    and while you are welcome to ask a modder to add, remove, or change
    parts of their mod, it is ultimately up to the modders whether they
    make any changes or not.

  • If you want to modify and upload another person’s mod or use an
    asset, such as code, be sure to ask them for permission and provide
    them proper credit unless they have said previously that their work
    can be freely reworked or modified.

  • Mods containing assets from other games or media are not allowed.

Best Practice

When Creating a Zip File make sure;

Use a correct file structure, Only place files in the zip that the user actually needs and maintain a folder structure that makes it easy for the user to drag and drop.

Information for Everyone

Check out the Official Mod Ideas Topic!

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Awesome Charlie! You’re doing a great job! :slight_smile:

How do you make a mod for GDT?

I think that is covered by;

People who already know the above languages will know what to do, and those that dont will need to learn a little of the above languages before they start! :smile:

I don’t seem to have a “mod” folder in my directory, do I need to create it?

I dropped the extracted Expansion Pack in the mods folder, and still doesn’t show up in the in-game menu for mods.

Does using mods disable achievements on Steam? There’s at least one I should have gotten while playing with a mod, but it did not show up.

EDIT: I figured out why. It wasn’t the mod. Answered my own question.

If you extracted the “Master” zip so that you have a folder called “GTD-Expansion-Pack-master”, you actually need to go inside the main folder and pull out the sub-folder called “ExpansionPack.” That’s what goes in mods.

Not very clear in the GitHub instructions but that’s what you need to do. Same for Cheat Mod and possibly others (those are the only 2 I’ve used).

@DesertHawk978 Which edition of the game are you using. Steam, Standard or Windows 8 Store?

@piplup22301 if you check out my “how to install mods” video you will see i mention that you have to use your own judgement on what to install from the zip and where as so far a standardised format has not been used.
If a mod is listed in the released mod list on the official thread Official Mod List
then examine the structure and check if the folder you need has been placed in a subfolder. In which case place the subfolder where the initial folder is.

is there any way to write my mod in another language? i’m not so good with js…

Urgh… Sorry if I do sound annoyed a little bit… Well, that because I am. I’ve been trying for hours not getting to Library so I can get to steam maps and do all of that. But when I finally got to the GDT folder there was no mods folder… So, what do I do? I tried to make a “mods” folder but nothing, so I’m asking you for help.

Please, I just want to play some more of this brilliant game.

@Racso Make sure you are using the beta version of game dev tycoon, check the mod instructions on how to do this, you will have to redownload the game.

@SirEverard - Modding came out of beta a few weeks ago so it is not necessary to enable that.

@Racso - Just to confirm you are using the Steam version? and that you are connected to the internet so Steam has updated the game? I would suggest a reinstall of Game Dev Tycoon. Here is a video walkthrough;

Also which OS are you using? WIndows, Mac or Linux?

Ahh okay, my mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the response. I use the steam version on mac, and yeah, I am connected to the internet, but I haven’t got anything about any updating yet. (I think.) So, I will try to reinstall the game and hopefully, that will work. Or else I have to come bak here.

You may find this mod tutorial for macs handy;

I’m very confused, on how to make my own mod. I get, that I need to know HTML, CSS, and JS. But, how do I start modding. There’s a modAPI, in the mods folder. I assume, that’s how I start. However, I can’t open it. Do I need to download a program, or can I use a simple program, like Notepad?

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Hi, I got a error message when I clicked on the mods tab

Hey @Charlie, getting too many mods will make workshop support? Or it’s up to valve (or steam)?


how do you pause the game on Steam