Weird white background after starting a new game

Hello everyone. Whenever I start a new game, right after I choose company name and all that stuff then, background changes from black one. It’s kind of a nuisance. And after installing mods the achievement bars that are on the left. The green, red, blue ones ect. get messed up as well. I have screenshot of the problem.
I have latest Java installed and latest drivers for graphics. The game works really slow too. This has happened before I formatted my computer and still keeps happening again. I’m playing with the Steam version. I would appreciate all help. Thank you.

What you are describing sounds like either misisng textures (could be related to your antivirus) or bad graphics drivers. I don’t see anything weird on your screenshot, though? Which OS are you using, and what computer/system specs do you have?

This is what the FAQ says about white screens:

I use Windows 7 Home Edition x64.It’s a Samsung laptop. Intel Pentium CPU B950, 4GB of RAM and Intel HD 3000 graphics. I didn’t have that kind of problems in past. Game used to work flawlessly. I use Avast! Internet Security.

It could be that the Intel HD 3000 GPU isn’t compatible with GDT, but I’m not sure. Have you read the FAQ?

I did. It hadn’t helped. And it should be as I played GDT on same laptop on windows 8 when it was first released and then have played it long in the past and worked well…

Wait, that white-ish background isn’t on purpose?

No way.
I Have Intel Graphics 3000 HD integrated with my CPU, and it works.

I feel stupid now, I just realized what you meant by “white background”. The background is always black when choosing a company name, then it turns into a yellowish white gradient. It’s not a bug.

I don’t know about the achievement bars. Can you post a screenshot of them?

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Your avatar shows yours reaction, right?
I thought the same, but then I saw your post.

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Hey @Kodi123 Welcome to the forums. The Background changing from black to a cream gradient is normal.

As seen here when i created a new game to confirm this behaviour;

When you said;

achievement bars that are on the left. The green, red, blue ones etc.

Do you mean these?

If so that is likely caused by a mod. You will probably find it helpful to check out our modding FAQ;

You should report the error on the forums here;

Or you can hopefully find the mod you used on our Official Mod List and report it in that specific mod page thread;

We don’t support errors caused via mods or edited save games so i would suggest starting a new game.
To do this as soon as the game hits the ‘click to continue’ screen press the ‘escape’ key and select ‘new’ from the menu. Be sure to not have any mods activated if you want to maintain the integrity of your new game.

Hope this info helps!

With regard to the slow performance our minimum specs are listed as;

OS: Windows XP SP3
Processor: 2 GHz dual core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Hardware Accelerated Graphics with dedicated memory
Additional Notes: minimum resolution of 1024x768

The main reason that you would have slow performance is that you lack a dedicated graphics card/chip and instead have an Intel HD 3000 integrated chip.

Here is some information about your CPU and Integrated graphics;

You can check how many resources you have free when idle via the task manager performance tab. This will be a good indication of how many resources you have free that games can use. Here is an image of my task manager with many programs open, such as Skype, Steam & Chrome tabs;