[REL] OverpowerMod

OP Console should be all the time on market.

For me i just released a little late (Y1 M2 W2)

Done on purpose

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Added to official mod list :smile:

when I installed the mod and opened the game the mod bar was red can somebody please help

If you’re talking about “red” items in the mod list, make sure that you have this 2 modules also installed in GDT.

If not, you should make sure the official GDT API Mod and the UltimateLib are installed.

You might also want read on how to install the UltimateLib on this forum thread and how to generally install and uninstall modules on the official modding FAQ, in case you didn’t already.

Hope this helps.


#Update 1.1.0 is released

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Still, I need to try out how awesome my AAA perfect games will be on this console :slight_smile:

what does the new update add/change/fix/remove?

A crazier console, earlier release date, overpowered topic, impossible achievement. (Ps: the update was made from scratch)

What is the name of this console? :blush:

Firestone X100

It isnt working :frowning: Help plz… i have red text box

What mods do you have installed

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Quas mod and that is it

install the mod api and UltimateLib



When does the console come out? After a year of game time it still hasn’t come out while in the comments it said it should take a month or two

Its not working and the text box is red

What year does it come out?