Hello! This is a mod currently in development! I will post regular updates!
NOTE: This is a early access mod! During the ALPHA you can post bugs and “mistakes” I can fix!
This Expansion Pack contains:

  • 12 new topics (More to come in future updates)
  • 3 Consoles (More to come in future updates)

Future Updates:
-More Topics
-More Consoles
-Even more awesome stuff!


-1.0.1 ALPHA

  • Added two Consoles/Platforms
  • Added one topic
  • Added two more achivements

-1.0.0 ALPHA

  • -Initial Release

Ulitmatelib (1.3.X) Download it HERE

Download mod HERE


Hi Faithless,

maybe you want to tell the users that they need to install the UltimateLib to use your mod?
Seems you used UME for creating your mod… would you mind if I add you to the official UME/UL mod list on [INF] [List] UltimateSuite - Official Mod List (2014-04-29) ?

Thanks for using UME/UL :wink:

Seems fair enough :slight_smile: sure :smiley:

Added to official mod list;

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