[REL] [Tools] UltimateSuite - UltimateLib [1.3.4]

cool, it will help me add new stuff to my mod in the future.

Because i’m magical and stuff.

Voldemort or Harry Potter?

I live somewhere in Hogwarts.

Okay… maybe let`s stop…


You can’t stop Hogwarts! :stuck_out_tongue:

[ADDED] Contract API (Beta)

Add small, medium, and large contracts as easy as adding events/topics :smile:


What if I dont know how to add events D:?

They just require to fill out a template and run the add event function.

Oh, cool!

Then you’ll need to wait for the editor to be released and that i’ll support events and notifications :sm
Btw. Time for some happy new year wishes :slight_smile: in around 2 hours it’s time, hope you’re having a good time :)ile:


YES!, 'Nuff said.

Maybe not enough said, but I’m sure you all can understand my speechless awe at this beautiful work of art.

I salute you, Good Peoples!

[ADDED] Separate Event and Notification section in UME
[ADDED] JS generation for topics

A new screenshot has been made available. Please check the first post for more information.


When we can expect version we can download?

Although it’s difficult to say that exactly, we’re working hard to get you a version out within the next couple of days. In the first stages we need feedback, especially concerning functionality and usability.

I have to check for some numeric formats during the code generation process and then check for overall functionality. Since the editor will rely on our UltimateLib, we need to check that the lib is also ready for release.

I have a good feeling that you’ll get hands on it soon :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope so :slight_smile:

Awesome! :smiley:

I am super excited for this mod.

[ADDED] New Screenshot demonstrating the integration of a generated MOD with GDT
[ADDED] New Screenshot demonstrating how a generated MOD behaves if UltimateLib has not been found
[ADDED] New Screenshot showing the zip file content of a generated UME mod

Using a UME generated mod requires the UltimateLib to be installed in GDT mods. Although the installer, which will ship with the application, will provide the UL installation by itself, in case for some reasons UL cannot be found, you cannot include a UME generated mod (this is achieved by using UL as a dependency in package.json).

Clicking on “Build” generates the javascript code and and a zip file containing the ready-to-deploy module.

Awesome :slight_smile: