[TUT] Mod Troubleshooting Guide for Players

I decided to write a quick troubleshooting guide for players who use mods, to help people easily solve problems with installation and gameplay. English isn’t my first language, which you maybe can tell by my vocabulary and grammar, but I hope it’s understandable and useful. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

[size=20]Read this first: Did you disable any mods recently?[/size]

Playing a savegame that you used to play on with mods which you have now disabled can lead to errors (sometimes related to “isCustom”), especially if they add platforms and/or researches. Assuming you did that, and didn’t install or update any mods lately, you will presumably need to either re-enable that/those mod(s) or start a new game to play without errors.

[size=20]Check which mod is causing the error[/size]

It is very important to know which mod is making that annoying error show up. If the problems started occurring just after you installed or updated one mod, that mod is most likely the culprit. However, if you installed/updated multiple mods at once, finding that out can be a little tricky. Here’s how you do it:

First of all, disable all your mods. Then re-enable them one by one. Keep in mind that you have to restart the game and check if any errors show up after you re-enable one, and you should start a new game every time you restart to avoid errors mentioned in the first section. When the error(s) show up again, you know the bad mod is the last one you enabled.

Optional: Check for incompatibilities

Doing this can might save you some time. When you find the erroring mod, disable all others except its depencies and restart the game. Once you have done so, test whether the error still appears. If it does, you can move on to the next part. If it doesn’t, re-enable all mods (again, one by one) until you run into the error(s) again. The last mod you enable before they appear is incompatible with the one that was showing errors before, and you should report this to at least one of the mod authors.

[size=20]When reporting errors…[/size]

You should post a screenshot of the error. If you don’t use UltimateLib, which has a built-in error handler that shows more information, you can use @Jari’s Better Error Handling mod instead as the default error dialog doesn’t show much.

[size=20]Common issues[/size]

The mod I downloaded doesn’t show up in the mod list
If Game Dev Tycoon was open while you installed it, you have to close and restart the game. Otherwise, you did perhaps not extract the archive that contains it. If you have a .zip, .rar, or .7z file in your mods folder, it means it’s not extracted. 7-Zip is a good, free decompression utility for Windows.

The mod I downloaded shows up in red in the mod list and I can’t enable it
That means one or more depencies (additional mods) are missing on your computer. In most cases it’s either the Modding API or UltimateLib, or both. Make sure you read the first post in the mod topic and readme/instructions carefully when you install a mod as they usually tell you which depencies it requires.

I get an error saying the game "could not load mod one of the scripts"
You have probably downloaded a .zip file from GitHub that automatically appends “-master” to the end of the folder.

If that folder contains a "package.json file, you just have to remove the “-master” part. So provided the folder you downloaded was called “CompetitorMod-master” rename it to just “CompetitorMod”.

If it doesn’t, that file is most likely one folder deeper. Open the “-master” folder. There should be another folder inside it that doens’t end with “-master”. Copy that folder to the main mod folder for Game Dev Tycoon, and delete the “-master” folder, and it should work.

I get an error related to "Uncaught TypeError"
This is caused by a bug in the mod itself. Report it to the mod author.

[size=20]But nothing of what’s written above fits in or helped me with the problems I’m experiencing![/size]

If this thread didn’t help you, you should ask the person who developed the mod you’re having issues with for help. They will usually be able to find a solution for you.


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Hi Guys, I’m new to GDT Modding, But not to the game. I’m having problems installing mods. I don’t have a ‘Mods’ Folder in my GDT Directory. Help me Please !