[WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -

You need the UltimateLib mod to run Camelot make sure it’s installed and selected.



Umm I cant choose the starting features like choosing money/game modes and such. I do see the changed UI. Could it be that you didnt update some links here with the latest version? If so can you provide me with the latest version?

I dont think there could be another explanation as to why the rest of the mod is there but the starting features are not.

LOL nevermind I just had to click on the cogwheel when choosing your company name. You should really put that as a hint somewhere around here xD

I post this here because I think you can do a great job at this.

I would love to see the MMO’s in this game get a re-work. For starters, maybe a feature to do server maintenance or upgrade to reduce the amount it costs to run an MMO since I feel like it’s unrealistic how it is. Make it a hefty sum of money for an upgrade and a much smaller yet expensive cost for maintenance but both curb the operating expenses of the game for a time, and maybe the upgrade can allow for more features?

Secondly think an MMO should have some new features that are not available for regular games. For instance, you can set a level cap, and the next expansion might raise that. Also an MMO game should have some sort of trade feature, PvP ,real-money store and cooperative missions, with each of those aspects being able to be tweaked and upgrades as the MMO evolves. Positive tweaks will ensure a longer-lasting game while negative changes will just help kill the polularity and revenue of the game faster.

Lastly, we need a new kind of game. On top of small, medium, large, AAA and MMO, we need free to play. While I personally stay away from those, they seem to be very lucrative in the right hands, and its only right to include that sort of model in this game.


Doesn’t work for me.


You need the ultimate lib mod to run this mod.

Otherwise it should work fine assuming you have installed it correctly.

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The mod is fenomenal. I just wanted to let you know there’s an issue with the Grid Expansion. To better help you understand this issue, let’s pretend it’s the beggining of the month (doesn’t matter which year) and I have Grid already tweked and earned money off it 4 times . Now let’s say i tweek it again , and i continue doing whatever 'till the end of the month . Now when week 4 of the month has finished the game freezes but you can still move the mouse around. Sometimes it crashes , sometimes it just stays like that . I have The Ultimate lib installed and tried to see if it was a 1-time thing. IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME . Please fix this bug.

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@SirEverard Do you Still working on the Mod? because the last Update was in February

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So i’m curious about the one man machine. I have a bug thread open where i think i got glitched into one man machine mode, but around a certain level recently i got an event that said “Special training available for: ‘me’.” Yet i’m in the garage. I got excited thinking you implemented training somehow but there was no option.

If you could implement training for “One Man Machine” and ability to make medium games would be neat, course idk if its needed since the game runs off your high score it might not matter; but then i was thinking about the threshold each size game has for features and once you get to the top features i am guessing you’ll not be able to incorporate much.

@SirEverard or @DzjengisKhan you can put in mod to programming difficulty like on nintendo 64 its more difficulty to programming because…you know and on ps3 too,xbox one too and other is to contract other developer to make a port game (max 3) on the same time you develop the same or other game,other option is to make remakes of past games with 2 options just re-release the game in HD version(start on release of xbox 360 and is compatible with pc and ps3 the same time and ps4,wiiu, xbox one,and other consoles like the custom consoles)and other is rebuild the game,and will atract the old fans and will gain some new fans,i think you can make a “system” that if the game only have 500 fans ill just sell and low fans gain(on large games era)and if the game have like 5k to more he will sell alot and will gain very new fans.

I bought the game yesterday, played it for 3
hours, then today when opening it again i’ve seen some cool differences
in the work assignment menus, some backgrounds on the tasks like
graphics, sound, etc.

this is a feature, i believe, from the mod camelot.

so, i’ve started a new game, and to my surprise i can no longer see
that custom ui, it displays the standard one (just the bars), i’ve tried
on the camelot options to untick that only box it has, but it never
works, and in each game boot the box is always ticked.

so, how to activate that custom ui?

@SirEverard can you help? thanks.

Apologies to everyone as I have not been active on the forums recently. As some of you may know myself and @alphabit are now with Greenheart Games.
Currently we are working on providing one last update to GameDevTycoon before starting any other projects.

The last update will include a lot of bug fixes that have been discovered with the introduction of mods, steam workshop support which I’m sure you are all excited about, and it will also include some features directly from UltimateLib whilst also including UltimateLib as a prepacked module much like the gdt-API.

After the update has been released myself and @alphabit plan on updating our mods one last time. I’m afraid what this means for Camelot is that development will stop. I do plan on finishing Grid and some bug fixes (most of which will be no longer required since the new GDT update). After this I will no longer be developing Camelot. This is not to say I will no longer be on the forums and I may still create some small mods as I have done with Percentager.

Feel free to ask any questions I will try to answer the best I can. :slight_smile:


Only thing I can think of is that you are not closing the game from the Exit button in the menu. You must close the game this way (for now) in order for the setting to be save correctly. Editing that button in the menu may cause some weird effects if the game is not closed properly.

just tried it unticking the option, and closing via exit menu, and same happens, when you open the box is ticked again.

but the problem stays the same, can’t see the custom ui on the stages sliders.

Can you see the custom UI on the rest of the game? Easy to tell from the rounded edges of the corners of windows.

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The mod just shows as red here, can’t be activated nor deactivated.

You need to have the UltimateLib installed. [REL] [Tools] UltimateSuite - UltimateLib [1.3.4]

I got it installed and still red.


Hi. I would like to see a fourth office added to this awesome mod (or the game itself). Here is what it should have:

1.More employee desks: Seriously, I would love to have more employees. I mean, 7 is not even enough to have every specialist. I think around 9 guys would be enough and around 12 would be even better.

Actually, more employees is what I just want but,

  1. Training Room: That would let you train your employees how much you want. Unlike training sessions, that would be %100 succesful and a easier way to train guys with poor stats.

Yeah, pretty much more employees is what I want for the game rigth now, I use the “Expansion Pack”, Camelot Expansion Pack and Competitor mod and the game is ultra fun expect this. :slight_smile:

Note: Posted the same thing on the “Expansion Pack” page. Maybe, if you don`t, they will add this. :slight_smile: