Can anyone help me?(resolved)
The mods are not working

I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure you need the modding API in there as well.

I think that dependencies are missing. Since I can’t see in the list the API mod as @Killertoad suggests, maybe that’s the problem.

It worth a try

You need to install ultimatelib.
ITS required for @alphabit mods


Generally: The GDT-modAPI is missing
Secondly: Some mods do require also the UltimateLib library. See: [REL] [Tools] UltimateSuite - UltimateLib [1.3.4]


InfoStatsMod and NoTypeWriterMod do not need the UltimateLib to work.
Currently the following modules do need UltimateLib (for others I don’t know, atm):

  • TweakMod
  • Camelot
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You Need Offical Mod API:

thanks i gonna try

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