[WIP] Achievements&Consoles

This is just a small mod made by me, with some support from @Aswin_Vos and @Charlie, with the Pandora Box and Razorblade images created by @Jakub

Changelog! (+ is added, - is stuff taken out)
0.1.0 (Most Current Version)

  • Smarception, PangBax, CharlieMachine, KlugKube, and KlugKube 2
  • Hardware Research: Laser Beam Defense Mechanism

I did not keep a changelog of the past versions, but there will be one from now on.

Requires Ultimate Lib!!!

Download this first for this mod to work! https://forum.greenheartgames.com/t/rel-tools-ultimatesuite-ultimatelib-1-3-4/


The poll had great responses, but the winner was Custom Portables. Tell me your suggestion and it might be added!

Also, you may leave suggestions of your own in the forum post here.

Complete list of consoles and achievements: http://www.nexusmods.com/gamedevtycoon/mods/11/

Downloads!!! (For the best expirience, use the most current version)
Ultimate Lib, in case you missed it: Ultimate Lib.
Version 0.1.0: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3tpj2cyako41n2p/AchievementsandConsoles.zip


Compitable with UC/UltimateContent


Added to official mod list :smile:

Thank you!

jolly good mod! can i make version with upgraded graphics?

when you say "Updated Graphics"
do you mean better textures for your custom consoles?

exactly some extra polishing! oh those other consoles also need some reinventing.

@Jakub still want to make better graphics?

maybe… now i’m working on my own mod, but i still can help, it will just take longer time.

oh, cool!

I would download this if it didn’t run on UltimateLib, UltimateLib is terrible and breaks the game when you make an R&D lab, so many mods that require it are in fact, unusable, not useless, just can’t be used. Try to focus on going independant of UltimateLib so that your mod actually works, cause without the R&D lab, so many features of the game both core and mod are lost.

Um, wrong?


kek, hater.
anyways, get an older version of UltimateLib or wait for the next update.
Do some research before cping your little speech.

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Also, don’t necrobump

How is it a necrobump if the thread isnt dead

the post before the necro was made on the 16th of march, that sounds pretty dead to me



oh, i thought you meant the main post (i misread), nevermind

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