[ART] Need graphics for your mod? [STOPPED]

#I dont Take Graphics Request
still can’t do a hashtag.

Even though modding is getting easier and easier with the help of the [Ultimate Mod Programs coming up][1]. You still need some designs for consoles!

So i want to help you new modders with the graphics! Here are some of the samples i have made for previous requests.

These aren’t photoshopped images of the real images. I copied the design and made these.
If you want to request, PM me, or message me on steam, WaveJones is the name and Designing’s my game! :wink:

1 platform should equal to 5-10 minutes, not counting busy hours (this is starting to look like a telemarketer site right now). :expressionless:

Feel free to request! I accept text designs (you write what the platform’s gonna look like), mockup graphics (make a template for me to continue) or tell me what to copy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sincerely, Your mate.

Oops, forgot to put some faces in.
:smiley: :smile: :smiley:
There we go! [1]: [REL] [Tools] UltimateSuite - UltimateLib [1.3.4]


You should rework those samples to make them cleaner.
Most of the lines aren’t straight, it looks a bit like you drew them with your mouse.

They are just edited…
Well most of them.

He probably did…

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Seems like no one believes me… :frowning:
That’s it i’ll just delete this thread then.


Insert dat nub from Starwars here


It’s a trap!

I was listeing that, 1h version…

And, its Pigeon Crap.

Actually I’m using Wave’s designs for my new mod. I’d like to say how pleased I am with them, he’s doing a great job!


I could need a collection of platform images for the UltimateSuite (specifically the editor) that is bundled with the release then. I would like to offer in the platform editor a set of predefined platforms and platform images to choose from.


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Sure! Just email me or PM me what platforms you need.

It’s up to you, @WaveJones :wink:

I was thinking about implementing sort of a set of predefined platforms in the editor and a set of predefined images.So basically you could save / load custom platforms, load / save platform images. Images can be assigned to platforms and ready-to-use platforms integrated and/or cloned/duplicated for creating another based on a pre-defined.

Know what I mean? :wink:

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know what you mean.
i mean, like descriptions, like “4 consoles and 4 mobile platforms” or something :wink:

Yeah. Basically you’ll have a resources management in the editor, allowing you to load / save / import images and platforms so that :

  • On release there’s a bunch of them
  • During usage one can create its own collection

Well i cant do it because i have animating in one hand and youtube designing in the other and im about to go to sleep because its midnight
Sorry :frowning: i hate time differences
they make your life so much harder nowadays.

No one wants u to do them now :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello everyone!

I am sorry to tell you that i can’t do any requests right now.
School, Personal Stuff, and internet has been getting in my way.

Sorry @KizzaGaming, @alphabit, @mrdewdew, @Haxor and anyone else that has requested graphics from me.

I also will start to not be online very much, if anyone wants to contact me, go on steam or email me.

Again, sorry.

Sincerely, Your Friend, Pal, Rival, or Enemy…


Ehh, okay.

what? i didn’t say that… ;p

That’s fine. But the 12 hour difference still sucks! :frowning: but I hope to catch up with you soon. (Also, I did some work on your intro, not the best but it should work! :stuck_out_tongue:

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