[WIP] SG-Expansion [v0.0.5]

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Hey guys, I need some ideas for a Mod I’m going to be working on, using UME, I’ve not really had much experience modding, or using javascript, although I have used it a little bit, that’s why I’m not going to be using UL, I need some ideas for Topics, Platforms, Events, and Achievements that I could add into my Mod.
Please reply with suggestions, All suggestions will be appreciated, and If they’re good They’ll be included in the Mod, and once the Mod has a reasonable amount of content, I will release the first version. Thanks.


My Youtube Channel www.youtube.com/selfishgamer2

Content in the Mod now -

  • Topics - Sixty Topics added
  • Assassin
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Bicycle
  • Boat
  • Boxing
  • Building
  • Bus
  • Car Mechanic
  • City Builder
  • College
  • Cooking
  • Darts
  • Dinosaurs
  • Demons
  • Detective
  • First Person Shooter
  • Formula 1
  • Futuristic
  • Goat
  • Goblin
  • Hack&Slash
  • Heaven
  • Heists
  • Hell
  • Horse Racing
  • Magic
  • Magician
  • Mars
  • Management
  • Mining
  • Monkey
  • Moon
  • Motorbike
  • Music
  • Orc
  • Parkour
  • Pinball
  • Platformer
  • Point&Click
  • Poker
  • Police
  • Pool
  • Racing
  • Robots
  • Skating
  • Snooker
  • Spaceship
  • Stealth
  • Surgeon
  • Tower Defence
  • Train
  • Truck
  • Third Person Shooter
  • UFO
  • War
  • Wizards
  • Wrestling
  • Zombies
  • Zoo

  • Platforms - One Platform added
  • SG Machine by Selfish Gamer Productions

  • Achievements - Ten Achievements added
  • "OVER NINE THOUSAND" - gain 9001 fans.
  • "Very Super Famous" - gain 1M fans (Inspired by Jon Lajoie’s song “Very Super Famous”).
  • "Rich… and Famous!" - have 1B cr. and 1M fans
  • "50 Games!" - Release 50 Games
  • "Wow! 100 Years!" - Get to year 100
  • "3D Graphics!" - Research 3D Graphics V1
  • "100 Games!" - Release 100 Games
  • "Massively Multiplayer Online" - Lab Research: MMO
  • "So Realistic" - Research Virtual Reality Headset
  • "Tripple A" - Unlock AAA games

  • Engine Parts - Three Engine Parts added
  • Idle AI Animations
  • Gun Controller Support
  • Online Streaming Support

  • Events - One Event added
  • Event announcing that the SG Machine is going to be released.

Download Link: NexusMods or MediaFire

Requires Ultimate Lib****!

You can download the previous updates by clicking on the version name only for updates 0.0.3 and higher though. versions lower than 0.0.3 will link to the NexusMods page, you can download them from there :smile:


Version 0.0.5
Added 5 new topics
Added 4 new Achievements

Version 0.0.46 -
Changed platform picture.

Version 0.0.45 -
Added 5 new topics
Added 1 new Engine Part

Version 0.0.4 -
Added 10 new topics
Added 1 new Engine Part

Version 0.0.31 -
Added Picture for the Platform.

Version 0.0.3 -
Added 10 new topics
Added 1 new Achievement

Version 0.0.25 -
Added 5 new topics
Added 2 new Achievements

Version 0.0.2 -
Added 12 new topics
Added 1 new Achievement

Version 0.0.1 -
Added 13 topics,
Added 1 Platform
Added 2 Achievements
Added 1 Engine Part
Added 1 Event


Well what do you want this mod to be like an expansion, futuristic, etc

@braeden98765678 I just want to expand on the content already in the vanilla game, not with any sort of theme, just random Topics and platforms etc… and probably some new events and Achievements. :slight_smile:

I need some ideas for Topics and Engine Research… Reply with Suggestions please. Thank you.

My UME download is not working for the moment, I will not be able to continue working on this mod until I have fixed this problem.

What’s the problem with the download @SGamerJoe?

@alphabit I try to open it, and it just doesn’t open at all, I’m not sure why really :’)

Yeah… that was my fault! Try with “WINRAR”, the ZIP package isn’t a real zip package but a “rar” package. It’ll be fixed in the next update.

@alphabit I do use WINRAR, I already had it downloaded but then today it just stopped opening the process starts, and it looks like it’s about to load but then the process just ends and it doesn’t open :s

Ok. I’ll check it and let u know.


I have uploaded a package for you. Please check your PM in case u didn’t have already received a notification about that.

@alphabit Thanks :smile:

UME has started working for me again!

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Added to the official mod list; :smile:

Thanks :smiley:

Your mod has been added to the official UltimateSuite Mod List. Thank you for using UME / UL :wink:

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