[REQ] Modders needed - Help

Ever since The expansion Pack mod stopped being created by DzjengisKhan, I’ve been regretting using it… I need skilled Modders to help me make my own mod, one that won’t make me feel terrible using it. Also need someone with knowledge of how to get stuff to Github.com. As you can tell, I’m not the technical type, but I’m chock-full of Ideas.

Someone… Anyone help me?

Please? I’ve tried myself, It’s too complicated for me, Even after I’ve looked at the ‘How to’ Stuff in the Github


I want to support the mod for sure but I don’t know anything about modding, sorry.
I’m excited though!

Well, thanks for being honest.

I only know the basic stuff like adding topics and consoles but sure I’ll help.

Good. :smile:

We’ll need a place to Talk to multiple, Invited people, so no one will know what we are planning, Until We release it.

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What your timezone? e.g. GMT +1

Central Time.

Maybe u could take into consideration using the UltimateLib for your developments? It’ll be released within the next 1 or 2 days (first public - alpha - release) and could probably help you during development :wink:


I’ll keep it in mind.


Really, No one else?

i would but i’ve still got my own mod to worry about. and all the errors. in it… p.s. Central Time Rules!!! Lol. (as you can probably tell. im in central timezone… lol)

I want to help
PS:im a basic moder

I’ve already created the Galactic Games Company Mod, so I could help!

Cool. Now we just need a place to Privately speak between us, and whoever else wants to help.