[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon

Hi… Maker?

Can You Add Me On Skype Or Something To Tell/Show Me How To Mod It For Mac?
Cant Find Any New Tutorials On The Internet And Have Been Searching Forever :frowning:
Someone Please Help…
If You Can Then Please Add Me On Skype: mattcasey1
Or On Google Or Whatever You Have.
Thank You For Taking The Time To Read This.

Hey I Downloaded this mod And then i opened GDT And then when to mods and it was not there can u tell me how to get it to pop up and BTW i downloaded GDT staright onto my computer

@GDTNOOB Can you post a screenshot of your mods folder

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Sorry :confused:
I think I have done it now.
Does it give random events that give you hype ect?

@DzjengisKhan Whats the dealio here dude?

How do i change that from red to blue?

You need UltimateLib for the mod to work, maybe read the first post before downloading? :wink:


@LineLiar yeah worked it out, turns out i downloaded the wrong file :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers for the help

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Whenever I attempt to develop a custom computer, this error pops up and freezes my game. (Sorry for not directly embedding the image in here, this is literally my first post so I can’t insert images yet.)

Is there a conflict with one of my other mods or something? If you need me to, I can provide a full list of my mods.

Lol the third mod… It’s made from random numbers & letters.

lol, it looks like at least 4 of the mods listed in there are random characters.

There shouldn’t be a conflict with another mod, can you try disabeling every other mod besides UL and expansion pack mod and see if the error still occurs?

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I disabled every mod except for UL and Expansion Pack, the error still occurs when I try to develop a custom computer.

The error seems to point towards a specific file in my GDT directory, is there a known issue with that file conflicting with your mod?

The error has something to do with putting a custom name for the computer.
Try developing a computer without adding a custom name.

Hi, this mod is dead? There wasn’t any update from a long time. Could you say did you working on this?

The problem is, the error pops up as soon as I press on “Develop Computer” and the dialog in the image above shows. So I don’t even have a chance to give the computer a custom name before the error occurs.

The mod isn’t dead, updates take a while to work on

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The means theres an error in it loading the bar where you put computer custom names

Love this mod, hope you can add Gameboy Advance to it

I would like to translate this mod into my language, what tools can I use to be able to extract the text of the mod? I also take this opportunity to ask for permission.

Notepad ++ + Source Code :wink: