[WIP] Kori Expansion mod

Important needs gdt-mod-API Here and UltimateLib Here

Made with UltimateModEditor
0.0.2 Download

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Did you just make another thread? Also, it would be useful if you could list all the topcis it had


No Charlie cleaned the post

The mod has no topics

what is it then?

2 consoles I won’t release version 0.0.0 because you literally have infinite money
and can only develop on g64 and pc

Like if you want download



Exatcly. What?

And the link redirects to my own mediafire hame page o.O?

This is madness!

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In version 0.0.0 there is a glitch where you can develop only on PC and g64 and unlimited money

at least create some change log so people would understand?

0.0.0 - Kori Expansion Mod released
0.0.1 - fixed bugs [game creation limited to PC and G64] and [unlimited money in-game]


Link redirects to my mediafire files
EDIT: Damn, I just necrobumped


You didn’t?

Phew thanks.

This is a mod thread, how could ya necro? :wink:

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New updates will come out every monday
You can sign up for test versions just pm me

Why can I only download 0.0.0 and not the new one 0.0.1?