[WIP] Expansion: TweakMod - 0.3.1

Interesting point, @azertyman. Are you talking about the bubbles that go from the characters to the top-bubbles (where t/p points are shown)? What lag do you speak from?

Building up on your thought: What would be if there wouldn’t be bubbles at all? Just imagine the T/P points at top of the screen directly increase their values without those bubbles going from the programmers to the top bubbles. I don’t know if simply turning them off makes make a big difference concerning performance (but in the end, who knows… gotta try it out). In any case I’ll give it a look.

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Please, do that. It lags when making AAA Games, researching in R&D Lab and making an console.


This will certainly help in the game. The alphabit strikes again!


Yes, I’m talking about those bubbles from character to top-bubbles.
The lag is only when i make large or AAA games when i have like 500 tech and design points in a game.
Maybe you could make it so you have 1 bubble for each 25-50 points and put a 25 in it?

Thx for replying! :smile:

Sounds interesting. Let’s see what’s possible and what I can come up with. I like the idea with the 25-50 points. Could be something that can be controlled by some setting just like: Default, None, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100.


Just a quick update and reminder that this project is NOT dead :smile: I’m currently rewriting some parts to work with UltimateLib, so as soon as UL has reached a stable status, so will TweakMod. Currently reimplementing the configuration section to comply with UltimateLibrary.

See UltimateSuite Thread for details of UltimateLib.


I’ve updated the first post with a new image showing the progress of the new integration of TweakMod using UltimateLib.

The next step will be the re-implementation of “Conference Dialog Handling” and the implementation of a “Review Speedup Mechanism”.


when you will launch a “public test” for the mod ?

im tired of clicking, :frowning:

@alphabit Don’t forget to let me know when you have a working build up and running and i will add it to the official mod list :smile:


I can’t wait to use this mod!

any news on the “public test version” ? :frowning:

@Joao_Victor_Lap Thanks for asking.

Well, since TweakMod is internally being changed to build upon UltimateLib, it is tied to its release. So, although it is nearly ready, there are still some very annoying bugs that I have to fix prior to release.

It will be a matter of some days until it could be ready for a release… so a little bit of patience :wink: If it’s the typewriter annoying you, you could try the NoTypeWriterMod in the meantime :slight_smile: (ok you have to still click on OK, but the text doesn’t type write anymore)


@alphabit, @SirEverard

I would prefer if you would make use of the setGameSpeed method in the GameManager directly (or implement a similar method based on this method), in order to provide that functionality. As many guessed correctly, ghg6 is to put the game into a DEBUG state and I’d rather not have a mod put the game in that state as it will have other side-effects.

Also, great MOD :slight_smile:


@PatrickKlug Acknowledged. As soon as I start to re-implement the game speed feature, I’ll keep that in mind so that it complies to the way it’s meant to be.

In the meantime here’s some new screenshots showing the implementation of the new feature called “Company Name Generator” which allows to easily generate a company name by clicking on the “edit” symbol beside the company name input field.


very nice! I assume you plan to change the icon, maybe a ‘dice’ would work best but in the meanwhile you could use the fa-random(source) icon shipping with font-awesome, which should be included in the game already.


Hehe, been poking font awesome at him all week :stuck_out_tongue:


Done :wink:

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##TweakMod Version 0.1.0 released##

I’m happy to announce that the version 0.1.0 of TweakMod has been published and can be downloaded from the following link (this has been also posted in the updated first post):

###Latest release###
:arrow_down: Version 0.1.0 (January, 11th 2014 08:30)

This is how the “Mods” dialog should look like if everything has been correctly installed and activated:


tried to run this mod and after correcting UltimateLib as described here the mod seems to load but I can’t see any effect yet.

I assume the Settings menu should look differently when the mod is running, right?

EDIT: I do see the random company name button though. nice :slight_smile:

Yes. You should have 2 tabs in the in-game settings menu.