[1.1] The Grapple Pack by mrcrazypony

The Grapple Pack by Mrcrazypony

The Grapple Pack adds in various consoles relating to Grapple (Apple) in game. I have felt that Grapple is under recognized within Game Dev Tycoon, so this mod adds in TEN consoles, all representing some form of Grapple History. This mod’s consoles include:

  • The Macintosh 128K
  • The grMac GR3
  • The grMac GR5
  • The grMac (Entel Inside)
  • The grMac (20 in. Aluminium)
  • The grMac (21.5 in. Unibody)
  • The grMac (Retina 5k Display)
  • The grBook
  • The grBook Pro
  • The Grapple Watch


This mod requires UltimateLib.

Positive Feedback

Lit” from Xray_dude

Cool” from Squirtleawesome

A Watch? Didnt See That Coming!” from TheRealGman


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You probably should add that this requires UltimateLib

Ahh yes, thank you as I almost forgot!

The Graphics of your Macs, Laptop, and just one Watch, Perfect. I feel like i relive in 2014 - 2015 with these Mods :grin:

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@anon20832479 Thank you very much, I tried my best to create an accurate mod :smile:

No problem :smile: