[REL] CrazyCodr's GameDevTycoon mod

Changing the folder name solved any errors.

I do have bit of an issue with this feature.
It disables the ability to fine tune for either staff workload or tweaking sliders to get the best feature effectiveness.

Thank you for the feedback

Haven’t played much with it yet and i want to make a toggleable slider snapping for version 1.1. Furthermore, what my mod actually does is set snapping by default to any slider, i will refine it for 1.1 to only allow it for feature sliders and not for the other sliders of the game.

My major concern is the fact that the sliders do not have to be so exact.
Players have so much freedom when it comes to sliders and i am just worried that it in a way takes a great deal of gameplay.

There are just a few important rules and although they apply to the time allocation bar, this of course being influenced by the sliders.
+++ and ++ are almost equally important, with the rule that +++ always goes before ++.
You do not have to put those +++/++ sliders all the way up at all times, as long as throughout all the development stages two of those ‘important’ sliders are above 40% time allocation and never below 20% in any case.

As for — and – marked sliders the rule is never apply more then 40% time allocation.

the neutral slider - can have any % of time allocation. I still think that using the - can be very confusing because a minus represent negative for most people. ~ has a more neutral look.

This post ended up a lot longer then i planned.
Maybe you already knew this, but it never hurts to explain it anyway :slight_smile:

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I appreciate your feedback, don’t worry. I don’t know much of the internal mechanisms of the game, i always assumed that each scale of + and - meant that you should set a 1/7 of the slider. Worked well so far for me :smile:

I’m looking for features to add to the game, but my javascript is very rusty compared to my PHP/MySQL skills, so i don’t know where to start and to what extent are the things i can attempt to modify. And the last thing i want is to add topics and feature… ugh!

I asked for access to source code but don’t think i’ll be getting it. If i do, or if someone shows me (like SirErevard) how i can achieve superb modifications like he’s doing, i’ll be able to add much more to the game than snapping sliders.

And by how, i mean how to use the web developper toolbar to find what i can modify in the DOM. Cause doing the stuff, that i can do, it’s how to detect and find what i can modify that’s causing me more problems!

It does work sure, but it’s more fun to be able to tweak your sliders in more ways :smile:

I can always help you with that :wink:

If you are looking for insight in using the code to do more advanced things you can take a look at our UltimateLib

The first release is small but it will soon be heavily integrated into Camelot.

http://gdt-ultimatesuite.abesco.de/docs/ Documentation can be found here.
We are working on it like crazy so lots more functions will be included that you can use to create a mod.


I already looked at the reference for UltimateLib but the problem is it doesn’t have any description, only class names, properties and methods. I have no idea from the reference what each class is used for :wink:

And i’d prefer to work with you on UltimateLib, APIs are my stuff, my job is mainly this, refactoring old software that is truffled with legacy code and change it to more SOLID and organised code and adding API to it!

Go ahead JayCheetah, give something small to being with and i’ll see what i can do!

I am having trouble with the mod. The snapping works but not simplicity. I start a new game and turn it on in the options but It never gives me more skill points. I play until i get out of garage so I can check skill points and then release at least 1 more game but they never get the extra points for making the game.

Any Ideas?

I’d have to look at your save game to see if the setup was done properly. Can you package into something like Google Drive or DropBox and share it? I’ll go get it and see what gives. I’ll send you my email via private message.

It seems that you snapping affects everything and that kinda gets in the way of some mods like Grid from Camelot and setting game price in Expansion pack is there anyway you can make it stop for certain thing like if you press a button it won’t snap but if you’re not holding the button it will or some other way to fix it

Yep, it’s something i’m going to work on, right now, i’m busy with other very important things non related to GDT, but i’ll fix it ASAP.


Alright, i fixed some issues with the mod, get it again at: https://github.com/crazycodr/gdt-crazycodr-mod.


  • Added proper saving to the game so that Simplicity settings stayed
  • Temporary disable of the sliders, i will add a hotkey soon

CrazyCodr Out!

Love the mod but slider is conflicting with the Expansion mod, and I really don’t need the slider but I do love the concept of gaining points after each game. If you have a way to disable only the slider that would be amazing.

Right now it is disabled, i will put it back online with a toggle ASAP, i’m really busy with tons of projects. Don’t hesitate to donwload the mod and try it out. You need to start a new game though to activate it!

i downloaded it and the sliders are still active, im also using expansion pack mod and I cant set the price of my games due to it only allowing me to do the highest or lowest price. its cool though ill just wait till you get the chance to mess with it

You’re right, i probably reverted the changes to the file before pushing it to github, it’s fixed now, redownload the package. sorry for the trouble!

I know this topic is old but I was hoping to get the slider snapping mod for my game and you seem to have been the only person to do this. How is it done??

I don’t remember and i think i deleted the mod, so sorry :stuck_out_tongue: