[REL] CrazyCodr's GameDevTycoon mod


Alright, i fixed some issues with the mod, get it again at: https://github.com/crazycodr/gdt-crazycodr-mod.


  • Added proper saving to the game so that Simplicity settings stayed
  • Temporary disable of the sliders, i will add a hotkey soon

CrazyCodr Out!


Love the mod but slider is conflicting with the Expansion mod, and I really don’t need the slider but I do love the concept of gaining points after each game. If you have a way to disable only the slider that would be amazing.


Right now it is disabled, i will put it back online with a toggle ASAP, i’m really busy with tons of projects. Don’t hesitate to donwload the mod and try it out. You need to start a new game though to activate it!


i downloaded it and the sliders are still active, im also using expansion pack mod and I cant set the price of my games due to it only allowing me to do the highest or lowest price. its cool though ill just wait till you get the chance to mess with it


You’re right, i probably reverted the changes to the file before pushing it to github, it’s fixed now, redownload the package. sorry for the trouble!


I know this topic is old but I was hoping to get the slider snapping mod for my game and you seem to have been the only person to do this. How is it done??


I don’t remember and i think i deleted the mod, so sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


this guy
before: last post 1 year ago
now: last post 1h ago


And that is exactly what discourse was designed for.


Hello, Every single time i start the game up with the mod, and i click continue, the continue button does not work! please help!


The github link doesnt work! can anyone update the download link ??


See message “September 2015 - I don’t remember and i think i deleted the mod” and yes i deleted the mod recently. It was inactive on my side for more than 2 years now and wasting visual space on my github folder. Don’t worry, you are not missing much :stuck_out_tongue:


ohh damn, i liked this mod a lot and i wanted to play with it again like somewhere about last year. it isnt finadble anywhere right?


I realize that it has been deleted, but as a newcomer to the game is there any other place I can acquire this mod? I would very much like to try it. If not, are there similar mods that you know of out there?


same :frowning:


hey! in that link [Rel] The Super Modpack for GDT have a modpack with the CrazyCodr mod! thx to supersamuel


Dat necro tho…


it says this isnt the page you are looking for

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