[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon

My mod shows up red in the menu…

You need to install the UltimateLib mod.


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Oh thanks did not know that

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Now that is a succes brah!


whenever i try to download the UltimateLib I get some page that is a complete dead end and says i need some sort or trial and pay thing. Help?

Don’t click there, it’s just an image. Go to the UltimateLib thread instead to download it.

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@Charlie will get You…

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Because @5566y said:

but now someone have changed it.

Indeed! thanks :wink:

I do not know if i installed the mod wrong but on the mod list it appears red. Any help?

Make sure you have Ultimate Lib installed as well.

Do I just install it or do i have to put it into the mods folder?

Nevermind got it. Thanks!

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I post this here because your work is superb and I think you can pull it off.

I would love to see the MMO’s in this game get a re-work. For starters, maybe a feature to do server maintenance or upgrade to reduce the amount it costs to run an MMO since I feel like it’s unrealistic how it is. Make it a hefty sum of money for an upgrade and a much smaller yet expensive cost for maintenance but both curb the operating expenses of the game for a time, and maybe the upgrade can allow for more features?

Secondly think an MMO should have some new features that are not available for regular games. For instance, you can set a level cap, and the next expansion might raise that. Also an MMO game should have some sort of trade feature, PvP ,real-money store and cooperative missions, with each of those aspects being able to be tweaked and upgraded as the MMO evolves. Positive tweaks will ensure a longer-lasting game while negative changes will just help kill the polularity and revenue of the game faster.

Lastly, we need a new kind of game. On top of small, medium, large, AAA and MMO, we need free to play. While I personally stay away from those, they seem to be very lucrative in the right hands, and its only right to include that sort of model in this game.

Hey, the mod is awesome. I was just wondering how you made the thing where you can choose how much you sell the game for? Was it all in the UME or outside programming? Sorry, I’m really new to modding and stuff and I have no idea. I think it would just be cool to put it in my custom mod for me and my other mate. Obviously I wouldn’t take it as mine. Anyway, thanks! :smiley:

The custom prices were made before UME (or UL) even existed :smile: And if you’re interested in using it yourself, feel free to take it, but only for personal uses ^^

Oh I see. Thank you very much! I just have one question, it may sound slightly silly, but how exactly do I “take it” to apply it to my mod?

Hey, sorry to ask another question, but along with the question above, I was wondering if you could help me or guide me on how I can make those pop up messages where its multiple choice. As an example, the one pop up tells me that my fans would like to use an older engine of mine, and I have the choices of “Give it away”, “Sell it”, and “Refuse”. I would greatly appreciate it if you could explain on how to do this and incorporate it into my own mod, and on how to make it have an effect (e.g. A message pops up and it asks me if i would like to spend 50RP and get something in return). How would I make it so that if i choose “Yes” I lose 50RP and gain something.

Really appreciate the help, where you can give it. Thanks so much:)