Stuck in the G3 screen! D:


First of all, and to be completely original, I want to thank you for making such a great game. I think it’s been a long time since the last time I’v been so addicted to a game. Anyway, to the point:

I have the bad luck to have a very small laptop, so the screen is little as well. It is not a big problem at first, because you turn the game to windowed mode and you can scroll up and down through the windows. The real problem comes when I reached the first G3. The thing is that the image showing the stand and the crowd around it scrolls down with you, so the image overlays over the “Finish” button or whatever, so i cannot click, being stuck there for the rest of Revolution Products’ life…

I do not know if this is a recurrent problem, but i hope it can be fixed, like having the button on a side of the window or something. Thanks!

BTW: It would be awesom if you could implement a saller version of the windows, so the people with little screens could play more confortably.

Youre awesome :slight_smile:

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What’s your screen resolution?

1024x600 in default conf…

I believe the minimum screen resolutio for Game Dev Tycoon is 1280x1024. You will not be able to play it properly with anything lower, which is in your case.

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Hi, welcome to the forums! Yeah, your resolution is probably the issue here. I think UltimateLib allows you to play with low-res screens, though. Try playing with it enabled.