[QUES] Modding Problems

Hello I have been looking for at least one tutorial video on how to make a mod for game dev tycoon, all I have found is tutorials on how to install mods but not make them. Could someone direct me to a modding tutorial please.

I haven’t found tutorials, either, but the Mod API folder has some examples in it. Go to your GDT install location (mine’s Steam\steamapps\common\Game Dev Tycoon) and open the “mods” folder, then “gdt-modAPI”, then “examples”. There’s also an API wiki at the GitHub project. Do note that mods are written in JavaScript, so you may want to learn JavaScript before starting. Good luck!

@SirEverard and @alphabit are making modder easier… I guess? Just wait for their mod to come out and it’s as easy as eating an apple! :slight_smile:

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You won’t find any tutorials teaching you from the ground up how you would create a mod. You hence would need some javascript knowledge, as well as knowledge about on how to correctly use the WIKI and the accompanied API source code as well as use the associated examples.

It also takes time to create tutorial videos and not all of us have the skills, time, software and/or willingness to invest it.

As far as I know and concerns me, all of us modders have started by studying the API docs (on GitHub), the examples and (when available) other mods and then, based on the experience gained, did our own stuff using the “trial and error” approach.

@SirEverard and me aim with our editor project to allow mod creation with less or no programming knowledge at all. But it’ll take a bit before you can really use it (see UltimateSuite for more details).

As a starting point, follow the instructions @abluescarab gave you and just remember that you always are free to ask in this forum if you are stuck somewhere or need some advice about mod development :smile:


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Thank you so much for abluescarab, LineLiar and alphabit for answering my question, I have actually looked at the code but before I thought it was going to be somewhat like the way Modders make mods for MineCraft which requires files on files but Have looked at that default mods folder and have seen that it is easier that I would have thought, I was mainly looking if there was a tutorial on it so that it would be easier but the default mod folder, examining other mods on how theirs is setup and what I have to include and the GitHub which provides additional information helps out.

I am currently creating a simple mod which adds Consoles, Topics and Events right now just to give it a go and might just upload the mod for others to enjoy.

Sounds great! Glad we could be of help! Good luck!

This ERROR pops up when I try to load my mod in Game Dev Tycoon

Could not load mod one of the scipts C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Game Dev Tycoon/mods/gdt-modAPI/helpers/checks.js

Can anyone give me any information on this, as you can see where it says gdt-modAPI this shows that it is not in my mod because I have created the mod from scratch and has no leads to my mod but only to the developers mod api system.

You need to debug the mod to get more insights of what could have caused the exception. See, if the error happens in check.js, it doesn’t mean the error was caused in there. It could be caused by an error in your mod, too :smile:

So I recommend you to enable the “toolbar” in the package.json of the game:

 "name": "Game Dev Tycoon - Steam",
  "main": "defaultBrowser.html",

Enabling the toolbar, allows to use the node-webkit debugger which is already available. This looks this way:

Clicking on the “sources” tab, allows you to take a look at the js source code, thus including any errors generated, the “console” tab allows for taking a look at console’s output and with “elements” you can take a live look at the document (dom).

You definitely need the debugger to help you out when developing.
Btw. you could also use console.log(‘mymessage’); to log out messages on your own to the debugger console.

Hope this helps.


The following ERRORS seen here are the problems I am having, I have looked at my source code twice and have seen no conflicts or ERRORS in it. I have made a new folder and copied all the files in gdt-modAPI and built of that and removed the things I don’t need and it still seems to be these ERRORS in the game.

I have tried using the solution that alphabit suggested to me but I don’t really know how to subdue the problem.

Does the debug show the problem directly such as saying what file is causing it and what line its on and the column its in?
If so could you tell me how to do it?

That’s difficult to say. At first sight it seems the errors do really occur in one of those 2 files. But as stated previously, this doesn’t mean anything.

Did you try to log out messages from your own code to the console using console.log(“your message”);?
You could at least verify by placing them at different sections of your code, when and were the error could probably happen.

Is there a chance to take a look at the code? github or anything similar?

alphabit do you have Skype, if so could you add me, the name is just SnowyTerror.

I’ve sent u a pm.